Body Image Peer Education

Starting the Conversation about Healthy Body Image...

Many students may struggle with feeling good about their appearance and bodies. This peer education program strives to spread messages about body positivity and increase eating disorder awareness for Towson University through a variety of outreach and workshop programs.

General Information about the Body Image Peer Education Program

What does it mean to have a positive body image and how do i obtain one? 

Being body positive means that you accept and appreciate your body, just as it is. It also means you understand that your self-worth is not linked to appearance or weight. If you are an individual who has a positive body image or is working to maintain one, then the Towson community could use your voice.

Body Neutrality- In short, body neutrality is acknowledging what functionalities your body has, rather than focusing on how it appears. Some examples might be: Our legs take us places, our hands/arms can hold someone we cherish, and our stomachs help us fuel the body to participate in activities we enjoy. Learning how to be body neutral is a possible way to begin repairing the relationship with your body.

What activities are body image peer educators typically engaged in? 

Tabling Outreach / Events / Other Campaigns:

  1. Organizing and assisting with tabling outreach
  2. Planning and running interactive games
  3. Implementing campus and/or social media campaigns 

Classroom / Student Group / Residence Hall Meetings: 

  1. Deliver presentations or workshops on various topics related to body image and eating disorder awareness

  2. Body Image Peer Educators also work closely with other peer education programs at the Counseling Center to create and promote relevant events

Peer educators are encouraged to generate new programming ideas based on the current needs of the campus. 

What training do body image peer educators receive?

Our peer educators receive extensive training in skills related to leadership, program development, needs assessment, and evaluation.

They are also trained to understand important information/language about body image and eating disorders with the intention that they will be able to appropriately promote the Body Image Peer Educator’s main message on campus.

Why Participate in the body image peer educators? 

  • Being a peer educator is a unique opportunity for students to become leaders on campus

  • This experience might assist you in becoming more confident when participating in public speaking or learning how to become an activist

  • You will serve a vital role in helping to raise awareness regarding body image, eating disorders, and other related topics

  • You will meet other students and form new friendships

  • Lastly, this is a student leadership position that would look great on your resume!!

Workshops and Presentations Menu

Accepting Body Diversity 

Guided discussion on how to move towards shifting the societal narrative off weight and dieting by encouraging acceptance of body shape and size diversity. 

Eating Disorder 101

Many people have a complicated relationship food but it can be difficult to determine if an intervention is necessary and encourage they get help. The focus of this presentation is to increase awareness of eating disorder signs and symptoms, while also providing ways friends can take action to help someone who may be struggling.

 *These presentations can be tailored to a specific population of interest. 

All workshops are designed to be 45 minutes - 1 hour and require A/V. 

A 3-week notice for all request is required. To submit a request, please fill out the form online or contact the counseling center at 410-704-2512. 

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Contact Information

Body Image Peer Education
Megan Lynch, Psy.D.
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Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday & Thursday until 6:00 p.m. 

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