The Body Project

The Body Project is an interactive discussion group that focuses on helping women feel more positively about their bodies and helping them critique unrealistic societal ideals of beauty.

Purpose of the Program:

Two facilitators meet with groups of 6-10 women and lead them through a series of discussions and exercises designed to help them critique negative body related messages from family, peers, and the media. As part of this discussion group, you would be encouraged to complete verbal and (brief) written exercises that would help you increase your appreciation for your own body. This program has been studied extensively, and has been shown to increase body satisfaction and reduce disordered eating behavior. The groups are fun, empowering, and highly interactive.

For more information please contact Jaime Kaplan, Outreach Specialist, at or (410) 704-2512.

Time Commitment:

Groups are two hours long, and take place over the course of two consecutive weeks. Discussion groups will be offered 2-3 times per semester. Please e-mail for more information on specific dates.

Participate in the Body Project:

Please fill out this form. Your responses will be forwarded to those coordinating the groups and you will be contacted via email about your potential communication.