Mindfulness & Meditation


Mindfulness is about cultivating full awareness of the present moment so that we can better manage stress and develop states of clarity and relaxed alertness. Some common misconceptions about mindfulness meditation is that it is about making your mind blank, feeling a specific way, or running away from problems.

Mindfulness is about waking up to the fullness of your life and changing your relationship to your problems, your fears, your physical or emotional pain, so that these things don’t wind up controlling you and dictating the quality of your life. Mindfulness is not an idea, it’s a practice and a lifestyle cultivated by making a commitment to it over time.

Helpful Hints to Meditation and Mindfulness:

When first beginning the formal practice of mindfulness, it is often helpful to do the following:

Create a quiet spot that enjoy spending time. Many people enjoy decorating this spot with special pictures, statues, or colors.

Pick a specific time everyday for the sole purpose of being mindful - And make that gift to yourself a top priority.

You don't have to always like it, Just do it. From a certain point of view, once you have your set time for mindfulness, its none of your business what happens during it. Some days you will feel relaxed, others tense, others successful, others like a failure, just sit and watch these states arise and pass.

Find a teacher or group that can be supportive. The Counseling Center offers a variety of services to assist you in the process of developing mindfulness. Each fall and spring semesters, Mindfulness Groups are offered. Contact Dr. Leigh Ann Carter () to learn more. Individual and group sessions are available in the Towson University Counseling Center's Meditation Room.


Self-Help Apps
  • Mindfulness Trainer ($4.99)
    Are you searching for less stress and more balance? Do you want to experience silence and clarity in yourself? This app offers 16 guided Mindfulness Meditations (5 hours of audio) and more. It will help you to practice Mindfulness wherever you are.
  • Headspace
    Ever wanted to sleep better, feel calmer, focus more or just get some relief from that busy mind? Well it's probably time to get some headspace. Headspace is meditation made relevant to modern life. Get unique daily guided meditations, science facts and figures and progress reports, all designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get some calm and clarity.

    This app aims helps to improve users’ well-being, offering suggestions for improved self-care, sleep concerns, and guided meditations. The basic version is free.

    Check in with yourself, slow down and re-engage with this app. Enjoy a variety of guided meditations and self-assessments. The basic version is free.

MP3 Guided Meditation Sessions for Download