Pre-Internship Training Opportunities for Psychology Doctoral Students

The Towson University Counseling Center provides training through its Externship Program to students enrolled in doctoral programs in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, pastoral, or related fields. Students in the program have opportunities to provide personal counseling and offer outreach and consultation services to the campus community. There may also be an optional opportunity to teach a career development course. The Counseling Center provides intensive individual and group supervision to externs to facilitate the development of their clinical skills and their understanding of the operation of a university counseling center. Students are asked to commit one academic year to the Externship Program to maximize the benefits to their professional growth.

Externship Activities

Individual Clients

Externs carry individual caseloads according to their personal training goals averaging 8-10 client hours per week. Externs work with their supervisors to create a caseload to accommodate their training needs.

Individual and Group Supervision

Senior staff provide one hour per week of individual supervision and one hour of group supervision to externs in the fall semester. Senior staff and doctoral interns provide two hours of individual supervision per week in the spring semester. Supervision includes discussion of case management, assessment and treatment issues, and general issues pertaining to each extern’s Counseling Center experience. Rotation of supervisors occurs at the half-year mark. Matching of externs and supervisors will attempt to take into account the special training needs of individual externs.

Extern Seminar

Externs meet as a group once a week for one hour with the externship coordinator. Seminar time includes case conferences, presentations by senior staff and doctoral interns on topics of special interest to externs, and discussions of general externship issues.

Outreach and Consultation

Externs will be involved in facilitating outreach programs. Examples of outreach and consultation programs include student development workshops, orientation workshops, and liaison programs with the residence hall staff and the Center for Student Diversity.

Optional Activities

Group Therapy

As opportunities become available, externs may choose to co-lead a therapy or psychoeducational group with a staff member or doctoral intern. Externs who co-lead groups will be provided with additional supervision by the group co-leader, or by another staff member if the co-leader is an intern. See the Counseling Groups page for examples of groups offered at the Counseling Center.


Externs may have an opportunity to teach a two-credit academic course entitled Personal Life and Career Planning. The course is structured, sequential and developmental in nature. Supervision is provided by the Career Center for this activity.



Eligibility of Externs

The externship is designed for students who are enrolled in a doctoral program in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, pastoral counseling, or related fields, and who have completed at least one practicum in counseling.

Application Procedures

Send a letter of interest, a current resume listing all relevant work experience and practica, a graduate transcript, and two letters of reference, including at least one from a supervisor familiar with your clinical work, to the address below:

Please submit applications by February 21, 2018.


Betty A. Fletcher, Ph.D - Externship Program Coordinator

Counseling Center
Towson University
8800 York Road
Towson, MD 21252-0001

Contact Information

Externship Program Coordinator

Betty Fletcher, Ph.D.
Counseling Center
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.