Harbor Scholars Professional Learning Workshop

Engage your students in solving real environmental problems in the Chesapeake Bay watershed through hands-on, outdoor science investigations. 

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What is Harbor Scholars?

Harbor Scholars is an exciting professional development opportunity for 5th grade science teachers in Baltimore City. Participants will learn how to deliver effective Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs), in which students investigate and take action on a real local environmental issue. 

Over the course of the year-long Harbor Scholars program, participating teachers will: 

  • Attend a hands-on summer workshop at the TU Center for STEM Excellence
  • Participate in inquiry-based outdoor science investigations
  • Connect with scientists working on Chesapeake Bay issues
  • Bring students on a free field trip to the Inner Harbor, including an EcoTour and a SciTech Student Learning Lab experience
  • Collaborate with other 5th grade science teachers
  • Explore meaningful action projects specific to Baltimore City

Teachers who complete the program will be eligible to receive:

  • CPD credits (3)
  • AU credits (3) or a $900 stipend 
  • Action project funding up to $250

Who can participate?

The program is open to all 5th grade teachers in Baltimore City Public Schools (including charter schools).  


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