Department of Biological Sciences

Excellent teaching, mentoring, and research opportunities are hallmarks of the rich learning environment in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Academic programs in biology prepare students for a range of careers in industry, government, education and research. The biology major is recommended for students interested in botany, zoology, ecology, microbiology, molecular biology, environmental biology or teaching. It’s also an excellent preparation for graduate studies in biology, medicine and dentistry. Find out more about the advantages of studying biology.

In addition to offering a major, minor and master’s in biology, the Department of Biological Sciences participates in the molecular biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics (MB3) and environmental science and studies programs.

What We Offer

The department offers students:

  • small classes taught by accomplished faculty who are dedicated teachers, mentors and researchers
  • state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including laboratories, greenhouses, an herbarium, transmission electron microscopes, centrifuges, spectrophometers, microscopes, physiographs, an infrared gas analyzer and specialized field equipment
  • outdoor spaces for scientific exploration, including the Glen Arboretum—10 acres of woods on campus—and the Field Station—223 wooded acres in northern Baltimore County
  • research and internship opportunities in campus laboratories and at off-campus field and lab sites
  • innovative Towson UTeach program allowing teachers-in-training to complete a bachelor’s degree and teacher certification coursework in four years

Academic Advising

Need help navigating degree requirements? Want to learn more about internships and research opportunities? We’re here to help.


Spring 2022 Faculty Sabbatical Seminar Series

Thursday May 5th

Dr. John Lapolla
"What's Shape Got to Do With It? How Acropyga Ants Domesticated Mealybugs"

Tuesday May 10th

Dr. Chris Oufiero
"The Mantis Strikes Again: Applying New Techniques to Quantify Whole-Organismal Performance in Mantids and More"

Thursday May 12th

Dr. Peko Tsuji
"Nutrient-gene Effects of Raw vs. Cooked Sorghum: Potential Food for Colon Cancers Prevention"

Tuesday May 17th

Dr. Jed Weldon
"Developing a Bispecific Immunoconjucate to Assassinate Factor VIII-specific B Cells: A Tale of Laboratory Mischief"


Seminars will take place in SC2226 from 3:30-4:30pm.

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