Cohort Applications

The Chemistry Department reserves one section of CHEM 210 (Introduction to Analytical Chemistry) and one section of CHEM 331 (Organic Chemistry I) for Chemistry and Forensic Chemistry Majors in each semester. These seats are only available to students who take both courses simultaneously. The cohort sections promote camaraderie among CHEM and FCHM majors, timely completion of core major requirements, and preparedness for success in future upper-level chemistry courses.

Cohort Eligibility

To be eligible for enrollment in this cohort, you must:

  1. Have declared Chemistry or Forensic Chemistry as your major.
  2. Be currently enrolled in CHEM 132 (General Chemistry II) and successfully complete this course.
  3. Be able to fit the designated cohort sections of CHEM 210 and CHEM 331 into your schedule.

    In addition, priority will be given to students who achieved a grade of “B” or better on their first attempt in CHEM 131 (General Chemistry I).

Students who successfully complete both courses in the cohort will be guaranteed a seat in CHEM 332 (Organic Chemistry II) the following semester.