With funding made possible by Towson University’s Tutoring & Learning Center, the Department of Computer and Information Sciences provides peer tutoring support for students taking courses in our department free of charge on a walk-in basis for approximately twenty hours per week during the fall and spring academic semesters in the YR-403 Project Lab. Tutoring services are also available on an appointment basis during the summer and winter sessions.

TU students using computers

Your tutors will be either graduate or undergraduate Towson University students who are trained and certified as tutors through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certification program as overseen by the Tutoring & Learning Center.

We currently provides tutoring support for the following 100, 200 and 300 level courses:

  • COSC 109 (Flash / Web Pages)
  • COSC 111 MS-Office (Applications)
  • COSC 175 General Computer Science
  • COSC 236 Computer Science I
  • COSC 237 Computer Science II
  • CIS 334 Data Organization
  • COSC 336 Data and File Structures
  • ITEC 231 Fund Web Tech

Tutoring support for other programming, database management and web development courses is contingent upon tutors’ availability and knowledge.

While you take advantage of the tutoring options, there are other things to consider: 

  1. All faculty are required to have office hours for their course and I would encourage you to see your professor during his/her office hours to get help. If you are not able to make the office hours, you can always try to contact him/her to make an appointment.  
  2. The student-lead Software Engineering Club has a Slack channel at https://towsonsec.slack.com/ where you can try and seek a private tutor

Tutoring Schedule

For additional information contact , CIS Tutoring Coordinator.