Independent Study Procedure

Enrollment in AIT 695 Independent Study requires permission. Permission is granted when a student needs an area of study not offered by the Center for Applied Information Technology and the student has demonstrated an ability to study, research, and understand topics with minimum supervision and assistance from a full-time instructor. A student must have a minimum of six (6) graduate credit hours completed before requesting permission to enroll in AIT 695 Independent Study.

To request permission, please prepare and submit a project proposal including the following the Academic Program Director:

  • Student’s Name
  • List of Courses Completed with Grades
  • Independent Study Supervisor
  • Summary of the Independent Study Project
  • Project Justification:
  • Provide justification to support:
            Why student needs to complete an independent study course
            What is the learning outcome of the project
  • Objectives of the Independent Study Project: Clearly identify the objectives to be achieved
  • Reading List: This list is finalized when the proposal is approved, but student should have a clear idea about what he/she is going to study. Therefore, a tentative list of books, chapters, articles, etc. is required
  • Expected Input: Prepare a list of requirements needed in order to achieve the objectives of the project proposal, including hardware, software, development tools, data from the originator of the project, etc.
  • Outcome: Provide proof of achieving the objectives of the project through preparation of a final report, by examination and by presentation to other instructor(s) and Academic Program Director (if required)