Internship Procedure

Policies for AIT 697

Requirements for Enrolling:

  • Have an IT related job—no more than 20% of the job can be administrative or clerical.
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or greater.
  • Have completed 9 credits in the program, including AIT 600 and AIT 610.
  • AIT 697 can be taken twice.

Process for Enrolling:

  • Fill out the Internship Description Form (PDF) and get it signed by your internship supervisor
  • Turn in the completed form to the AIT Program Director.
  • Once this application is approved the student will be given permission to register. *

*International students need to fill out an application for CPT and get approval from the ISSO in addition to the above steps to be able to work in an internship position.

Requirements for the Course:

  • The class meets 3 times, once at the start of the semester, once at mid-semester and once at the end of the semester.
  • You must work at least 140 hours during the semester in which you are registered for AIT 697.
  • Requirements at the first meeting:
    –written report #1 (details in the course syllabus)
    informal oral presentation on what your internship will involve
  • Requirements throughout the semester:
    –Develop a learning plan with your supervisor and submit to the instructor of the course for approval.
    –Get a mid-term evaluation from your supervisor.
  • Requirements at the last meeting:
    written report #2 (details in the course syllabus)
    formal oral presentation
    turn in work hour logs, student evaluation of internship and final evaluation from supervisor           

Resources for Internships:

Towson University Career Center