Froma B. Lustman, M.S.


Ms. Froma Lustman

Contact Info

7800 York Road, Room 361


M.S., Health Science
Johns Hopkins University

Areas of Expertise

Geometry Education


Ms. Lustman has performed statistical research at the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine for the University of Maryland, Division of Clinical Investigation. She also was part of a private consulting firm, Statistical Design Associates, which conducted medical and scientific research, including a study of how various school systems address health education. Ms. Lustman taught at Goucher College where she organized, staffed, and supervised a mathematics clinic. And, finally, Ms. Lustman taught the Gifted and Talented 7th grade students at Sudbrook Magnet Middle School for two years during which time she integrated math and science with emphasis on Technology-based education. While at Sudbrook, Ms. Lustman worked on a committee to revise the curriculum as well as evaluation standards for school mathematics in Baltimore County.

At Towson University, where she teaches courses in biostatistics, business statistics and mathematics for elementary school majors, Ms. Lustman draws upon her own experience in demonstrating the applicability and relevance of statistical research to the real world. Ms. Lustman designed the course whereby students conduct their own studies — from questionnaire design to sampling, data collection, and analysis. Ms. Lustman has revised basic mathematics education courses in statistics and probability as well as geometry in order to incorporate technology into the classroom. Finally, Ms. Lustman also serves as a freshman advisor in the FYE (First Year Experience) Program.