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On Thursday, September 21, Dr. John Goodrick, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Los Andes University, Colombia, will present a colloquium on Counting integer points in polytopes with an extension of Presburger arithmetic. The talk will take place at 4 pm, in Room 320 of 7800 York Road, with light refreshments served at 3:30 pm.

Abstract: Fix some polytope \(P\) in \(\mathbb R^d\) whose vertices have integer coordinates. Then for any positive integer \(t\), one can ask to compute the number \(f_P(t)\) of points in the lattice \(\mathbb Z^d\) that lie within the \(t\)-th dilate of \(P\). By a theorem of Ehrhart, the function \(f_P(t)\) is always a polynomial.

In this talk, we will present a generalization of this result (from joint work with Tristram Bogart and Kevin Woods): If \(f(t)\) counts the number of integer points within a bounded region of \(\mathbb R^d\) which is defined by a certain type of first-order logical formula, then \(f(t)\) is eventually periodically polynomial (“eventually quasi-polynomial”). We call such families “parametric Presburger families” in analogy with the logical theory of Presburger arithmetic. 

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