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On Friday, December 8, Dr. Allison H. Moore, Krener Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of California at Davis, will present a colloquium on Site-specific recombination on circular DNA molecules and band surgery along the trefoil knot. The talk will take place at 1:00 pm, in Room 205 of 7800 York Road

Abstract: A typical bacterial chromosome, for example the chromosome of the Escherichia coli organism, is a single, circular DNA molecule. During packing, reconnection events and other cellular processes, knots and links can form in DNA, and left unresolved, these knots and links can be problematic for the health of the cell. For example, during replication, two interlinked daughter chromosomes are produced. The cell employs a host of enzymes which correct topological linking via strand-passage or site-specific recombination, ensuring the survival of the cell. Circular DNA is modeled as a topological knot or link, and the most relevant links in this context are the \(T(2, n)\) torus knots and links, the most common of which is the right-handed trefoil \(T(2, 3)\). Local reconnection events on circular DNA, in particular, site-specific recombination at sites in direct repeat or inverted repeat, are modeled topologically by band surgery operations on knots and links. Within this knot theoretic framework, we will classify all band surgery operations from the trefoil knot to the \(T(2, n)\) torus knots and links. This result is obtained from a related classification result that we prove in three-manifold topology, namely a version of the lens space realization problem. In particular, we will classify certain Dehn surgeries on knots in the lens space \(L(3, 1)\), a result which is proved by studying the behavior of the Heegaard Floer d-invariants under integral surgery along knots in \(L(3,1)\). This project is joint work with Lidman and Vazquez.


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