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On Friday, February 2, Dr. Xiaoping Min, Associate Professor of Finance at the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China, will present a colloquium on Liquidity Premium of Corporate Bonds Based on Merton Model. The talk will take place at 2:00 pm, in Room 205 of 7800 York Road

Abstract: Liquidity premium is an important factor to explain credit spread puzzle in corporate bond market. Assuming that bondholders in an imperfect liquidity market have to sell bond immediately at a fraction of the price in a perfect liquid, this paper constructs a corporate bond pricing model of imperfect liquidity market in the framework of Merton model. Monte Carlo simulation is used to analyze the liquidity premium of corporate bonds in the imperfect liquidity market. The contributions of this research are as follows. Firstly, this paper extends the Merton model and incorporates the dynamics of liquidity into the model to study the liquidity premia in the prices of corporate bonds. A liquidity stochastic process is constructed with the range of the fraction evolution being reasonably constrained. Secondly, liquidity level, liquidity risk, and liquidity elasticity are distinguished to discuss their individual impact on the pricing of corporate bonds. There is no analytic corporate bond pricing formula after introducing dynamic liquidity process; therefore, Monte Carlo simulation is used to analyze the liquidity premia. In Monte Carlo simulation, the long-term equilibrium with upper limit and lower limit of the liquidity process is used as a proxy of liquidity level; liquidity shock intensity and liquidity volatility of the liquidity process represent liquidity risk; and mean reversion speed of the liquidity process denotes liquidity elasticity. Thirdly, the relationship between the liquidity premium and the credit risk as well as the term structures of the liquidity premia are studied. The direct and indirect impact of the credit risk and bond term on the liquidity premia is explored.


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