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On Thursday, October 18,  Dr. Alfred Dolich, Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science at Kingsborough Community College (CUNY), will present a colloquium lecture on Generic maps over divisible ordered Abelian groups. The lecture will take place at 5:00 pm, in Room 320 of 7800 York Road, with light refreshments served at 4:30 pm.

Abstract: Given a mathematical object together with an axiomatization of its theory in first order logic it is often interesting, particularly from the perspective of logic, to attempt to axiomatize the concept of a "generic" automorphism of the object in question. An example where this has been successful is in the case where one begins with the theory of algebraically closed fields and constructs a theory of a generic automorphism over this which yields a theory ACFA which acts as a sort of universal domain for difference algebra. In this talk we consider as our base theory that of divisible ordered Abelian groups (which concretely is the theory of the ordered rationals under addition).


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