Combined Major in Mathematics & Computer Science

Mathematics is fundamental to computer science, and computing is central to solving mathematical problems. A strong grounding in both areas opens up a world of career opportunities.

Many organizations require employees with skills in both mathematics and computer science. That’s why Towson University offers a combined major.

The program in mathematics and computer science will prepare you to tackle real-world problems and to grow professionally as new technologies emerge.

Graduates work as analysts, researchers and in various other positions in government, business and industry. Others go on to graduate and professional schools.

You can view the degree requirements and a typical four-year plan of study for the combined major in mathematics and computer science in the Undergraduate Catalog.

why towson?

Academic Advantages

  • small classes taught by excellent faculty in world-class facilities
  • highly individualized advising and extensive student support
  • research and internship opportunities
  • location along the Baltimore-Washington corridor with its thriving tech industry and government agencies in need of qualified graduates