Hard work and defining moments

Chrysanthi Lundstedt would be the first to tell you that science doesn’t always happen in the laboratory.

Chrysanthi Lundstedt
Lundstedt, a certified emergency medical technician (EMT), volunteers for the Mount Airy Fire Company.  

A 2018 honors graduate of Towson University’s molecular biology program and an aspiring medical student, Lundstedt chats easily about yeast characteristics and aerobic and anaerobic fermentation. But she isn’t talking about what’s in a test tube but rather what’s in a keg. She is a microbrewer in her spare time. She freely admits that what she learned in the lab and what she learned as a brewer often intersected to the advantage of both disciplines.

Naturally curious and an avid traveler, Lundstedt wasn’t certain she wanted to remain in Maryland for college. But she selected Towson University and quickly realized it was the best decision she could have made.

She credits several professors as mentors, noting all had a profound impact on her life and academic trajectory. She particularly appreciated her major, pre-med and research advisers, Nadim Alkharouf, Laura Martin, and Barry Margulies and her organic chemistry professor, Jill Discordia. “Each of my mentors taught me different lessons that transcended the boundaries of academics and had a vital role in helping me reach my goals.”

“ Each of my mentors taught me different lessons that transcended the boundaries of academics and had a vital role in helping me reach my goals. ”

Chrysanthi Lundstedt

Lundstedt describes an experience in high school as a “defining moment” in her life. On a field trip with her Advanced Placement biology class to the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute, she was able to witness surgeons replace an aortic valve. With a newfound appreciation for medicine, and, as she puts it, “the magic behind our physiology,” science became a serious pursuit and medical school a serious goal.

Preparing for her goal led her to extend herself in significant ways. She has been a national and state certified emergency medical technician (EMT) since 2017 and volunteers with a local fire company. She describes this experience as both amazing and pivotal to her future career.

“The ability to be supported and encouraged by committed professors and be exposed to real life medical situations are two hallmarks of a Towson University education,” she adds.

For students interested in majoring in molecular biology, Chrysanthi has this advice: “Persevere, give 110 percent. Hard work can take you far in life!” This TU-educated pre-med student is already dispensing excellent advice.

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