Integrated STEM Instructional Leadership (PreK-6) Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

This program is not accepting new students at this time.

Standards-Based, Engaging and Relevant

The program engages its participants in instruction that supports state standards relevant to integrated STEM (iSTEM) and individual STEM subject areas. It is inquiry-, problem-, and project-based; highly collaborative and interactive; and connected to the schools and school systems in which the participants work.

A Blend of Face-to-Face and Online Learning

This blended program fosters strong relationships among participants, utilizes team-based and hands-on iSTEM learning experiences, and capitalizes on the use of cutting edge instructional technology to support online learning. The first four courses consist of one-third online instruction and two-thirds face-to-face instruction. The fifth course is fully online, and the sixth is half online.

Real Outcomes

Program graduates will become experts in STEM subject content and practices, apply innovative iSTEM instructional approaches, and help students enact iSTEM skills and habits of mind. This program is for you if you want to be able to:

  • evaluate the quality of an existing STEM or iSTEM lesson or unit as you consider it for your classroom, school or school system
  • create a standards-based iSTEM lesson or unit
  • enhance a STEM or iSTEM lesson or unit that your school system already uses or that is commercially available
  • teach iSTEM lessons or units to PreK-6 students in a deeply engaging and rigorous way
  • provide professional learning experiences to other teachers or administrators about engaging students and educators in meaningful iSTEM learning experiences
  • grow your leadership capacity in and beyond the classroom by using the iSTEM PBC as a building block to a master’s degree (see text box on the side of this page)


The Integrated STEM Instructional Leadership (PreK-6) PBC Program has been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for those seeking the Instructional Leader: STEM (Grades PreK–6) endorsement.

Degree Requirements

This program requires 18 units of coursework. View certificate requirements in the Graduate Catalog.

Why towson?

Exceptional Faculty

Talented program faculty draw from their collective experiences in science, mathematics, and engineering education, teacher professional development, and instructional leadership. They are from the departments of: physics, astronomy and geosciences, biological sciences, mathematics, and instructional leadership and professional development.