Here are some of the facilities used for study and research by undergraduate physics students

student in lab

Materials Research Lab


student  in lab

Metamaterials Lab

Well-equipped optics, low temperature physics and scanning probe microscopy laboratory with two vibration isolation optical tables.

student in lab

Nanotechnology Lab

Nanotechnology is the study of structures and processes which occur on the nanometer length scale. Structures at this size scale exhibit very different properties than bulk materials. The Nanotechnology laboratory at Towson University uses state of the art instrumentation to perform multidisciplinary research in areas such as thin film characterization, corrosion studies, magnetic structures, and the study of fundamental forces. 

students in lab

Lasers and Opto-electronics Lab


student with Dr Schaefer

X-ray Facility


students in clean room

Clean Room


student in machine shop

Machine and Electronics Shops

The department has well equipped and staffed machine and electronics shops to support student projects.