Physics B.S./Computer Science M.S.

Physicists solve complex problems. Physicists with knowledge and skills in computer science solve super-complex problems.

students at computers

Why a Physics and M.S. in Computer Science?

Computers are powerful tools in physics because they give you the ability to create virtual universes where theoretic possibilities become simulated realities.

Towson University’s combined program leads to both a bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s in computer science. It will provide you with expertise in physics and the know-how to put computer algorithms and simulations to work solving scientific questions.

Graduates are highly desirable within the energy and aerospace sectors, chemical and pharmaceutical companies and with environmental management agencies. Work contributes to relevant applications such as medical imaging, environmental modeling and nuclear cleanup.

You can view the degree requirements for the B.S. in physics and computer science in the Undergraduate Catalog.



Academic Advantages

  • two degrees in five years
  • world-class physics and computing laboratories and equipment
  • big school choices and resources with small school attention
  • accomplished faculty who are dedicated teachers and researchers