Earth-Space Science Secondary Education Concentration

The Towson UTeach program offers a concentration in secondary education for earth-space science majors training to be middle and high school science teachers.

Earth-space science majors in the earth-space secondary education concentration are eligible, upon graduation, to apply for certification to teach earth-space science (grades 7-12) in the state of Maryland and in states sharing reciprocity. Students in this concentration should be prepared to do their student teaching experience in their senior year.

The earth-space science secondary education concentration requires 127–129 units. The 100–101 units in the major field, including those required for Towson UTeach, must all be completed with a grade equivalent of 2.00 or higher. In addition, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 in the major field and an overall GPA of 2.50 are required for student teaching.

Required Content Courses (54 units)

Course Number Course Name
GEOL 121  Physical Geology (4 units)
GEOL 123  Historical Geology (4 units)
GEOL 357   Physical Oceanography (3 units)
 ASTR 161  General Astronomy I (4 units)
ASTR 162   General Astronomy II (4 units)
BIOL 120 and
BIOL 120L 
Principles of Biology (3 units)  and
Principles of Biology Lab (1 unit)  [combination satisfies core curriculum 8]
CHEM 131 and
General Chemistry I Lecture (3 units)  and
General Chemistry I Lab (1 unit)  [combination satisfies core curriculum 7] 
CHEM 132 and
General Chemistry II Lecture (3 units) and
General Chemistry II Lab (1 unit)
 PHYS 211 General Physics I (4 units)
 PHYS 212 General Physics II (4 units)
GEOL 305 Environmental Geology (4 units)
GEOL 331 Mineralology (4 units)
GEOG 377 Descriptive Meteorology (4 units)
SCIE 380 Teaching Science in the Secondary School (3 units)

Mathematics Elective (3–4 units)   [any of these courses satisfies core curriculum 3]

One course from the following:

Course Number Course Name
MATH 115 Basic Mathematics for the Sciences (3 units)
MATH 119 Pre-Calculus (4 units)
MATH 211 Calculus for Applications
MATH 273 Calculus I (4 units)

Geosciences or Geography Elective (3–4 units)

One course from the following:

Course Number Course Name
ASTR 301 Cosmic Origins (3 units)
ASTR 371 Planetary Astronomy (3 units)
GEOL 321 Structural Geology (4 units)
GEOL 415 Hydrogeology (4 units)
GEOL 443 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (4 units)
GEOG 315 Geomorphology (4 units)
GEOG 410 Environmental Geography (3 units)
GEOG 411 Studies in Natural Hazards (3 units)
GEOG 412 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (3 units)

Required Towson UTeach Courses (40 units) 

Course Number Course Name
SEMS 110 Introduction to STEM Teaching I: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (1 unit)
SEMS 120 Introduction to STEM Teaching II: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design (1 unit)
SEMS 130

Combination of Introduction to STEM Teaching I & II: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design (2 units) [not available to freshmen]

SEMS 230 Knowing and Learning (3 units)
SEMS 240 Classroom Interactions (3 units)
SEMS 250 Perspectives on Science and Math (3 units) [satisfies core curriculum 5]
SEMS 360 Research Methods (3 units) [satisfies core curriculum 9]
SEMS 370 Project-Based Instruction (3 units)
SEMS 498 Internship in Mathematics and Science Secondary Education (3 units)
SCIE 393 Student Teaching in Secondary Education – Science (12 units)
SCIE 430 Seminar in Student Teaching – Science (1 unit)
SCED 460 Using Reading & Writing in the Secondary Schools (4 units)
SCED 461 Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Areas (3 units)

Additional Required Courses to Satisfy the Core Curriculum (27 units)

Course Number Course Name
TSEM 102 Towson Seminar (3 units)   [satisfies core curriculum 1]
ENGL 102 Writing for a Liberal Education (3 units)   [satisfies core curriculum 2]
  Courses to satisfy Core Curriculum Categories: 4, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
[21 units]

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