Grant Recipients 2017-2018

The following students were awarded undergraduate student research and/or travel grants from the Fisher College.

Undergraduate Research Grants in 2017 – 2018

“Dissecting the Catalytic Fragment of Pseudemonas Exotoxin A”
    Student:  Alec Ahearn
    Mentor:  Dr. John Weldon (Chemistry)

“Vibrating Sample Magnetometer for Materials Characterization”
    Student:  Bryan Augstein
    Mentor:  Dr. Vera Smolyaninova (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“The Effect of flgA Reinsertion into E. coli on Cell Motility and Erik Signaling within D. discodeum
    Student:  Harpal Bains
    Mentor:  Dr. Michelle Snyder (Biological Sciences)

“Chemical Weathering of the Mount Washington Amphibolite and Hollofield Layered Ultramafite”
    Student:  Luke Barragan
    Mentor:  Dr. Joel Moore (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Metal Nanoparticles for Heavy Metal Sensing Using Raman Spectroscopy”
    Student:  Landon Bechdel
    Mentor:  Dr. Mary Sajini Devadas (Chemistry)

“Three-Dimensional Analysis of Combination Drug Therapy for Herpes Simplex Virus 1”
    Student:  Soumia Bekka
    Mentor:  Dr. Barry Margulies (Biological Sciences)

“Determination of Nicotine Content in Dokha by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry”
    Student:  Amanda Belunis
    Mentor:  Dr. Ellen Hondrogiannis (Chemistry)

“Stream Restoration  Monitoring”
    Student:  Christopher Bower
    Mentor:  Dr. Joel Moore (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Effect of SELENOF-Expression on Selenium-Mediated DNA Methylation”
    Student:  Veronica Canarte
    Mentor:  Dr. Petra Tsuji (Biological Sciences)

“Affordances of an iPad-based Physics curriculum: Prospective Teachers’ Physics Conceptual Understanding and Technology Self-efficacy”
    Student:  Matthew Conway
    Mentor:  Dr. Deepika Mennon (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Spectral Characterization of Pterin Molecules: Implications for Detecting Life on Mars”
    Student:  Christopher Cook
    Mentor:  Dr. Amy Williams (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Selective Quantification of Chlorine and Bromine in Water Using Halogen Trapping Agents”
    Student:  Ryan Dias
    Mentor:  Dr. John Sivey (Chemistry)

“Determining Ancient Tectonic Processes in East Africa via Rhenium-Osmium Isotope Analysis on Mantle
    Student:  Alexandra Ducatte
    Mentor:  Dr. Wendy Nelson (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Does the Reappearance of a Dorsal Fin in the Black Ghost Knife Fish (Apteronotus albifrons) Affect Swimming Kinematics and Sprint Speed?”
    Student:  Mary Eisinger
    Mentor:  Dr. Christopher Oufiero (Biological Sciences)

“Determining the Safety and Efficacy of Antiherbetic Rings In vitro
    Student:  Amanda Evans
    Student:  Nicholas Giannasca
    Student:  Stacy Overby
    Student:  Jennifer Suon
    Mentor:  Dr. Barry Margulies (Biological Sciences)

“Comparison of Swabs at Absorbing and Releasing Blood for DNA Analysis”
    Student:  Karrah Findley
    Mentor:  Dr. Kelly Elkins (Chemistry)

“Total Synthesis of Ineariifolianone”
    Student:  Ian Gilbert
    Mentor:  Dr. Keith Reber (Chemistry)

“Chemical Clues Associated with Death as Odorant Stimuli in the House Cricket, Acheta domesticus
    Student:  Luam Haile
    Mentor:  Dr. Vonnie Shields (Biological Sciences)

“Synthesis and Optical Characteristics of Magic Numbered Gold Nanoparticles”
    Student:  Brianna Hutson
    Mentor:  Dr. Mary Sajini Devadas (Chemistry)

“Synthesis and Characterization of a Graphene Oxide -Ag and Pd Nanoparticle Hybrid System for Catalytic Applications”
    Student:  Hadi Kelani
    Mentor:  Dr. Mary Sajini Devadas (Chemistry)

“Potential Epigenetic Regulation of Selenoprotein Expression”
    Student:  Olivia Konen
    Mentor:  Dr. Petra Tsuji (Biological Sciences)

“Measuring Hydrogen Gas Generation Using TiO2 - Gold Cluster System”
    Student:  Thomas Kountz
    Mentor:  Dr. Mary Sajini Devadas (Chemistry)

“Synthesis and Characterization of Vanadium based Type II Metamaterial Superconductors
    Student:  Kameron Langford
    Mentor:  Dr. Mary Sajini Devadas (Chemistry)

“Petrographic and Chemical Analysis of the Baltimore Mafic Complex Serpentinites
    Student:  Jeremy Leierzapt
    Mentor:  Dr. Wendy Nelson (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Developing Long-Lasting Implants for Breast Cancer Prevention”
    Student:  Chloe Lissauer
    Mentor:  Dr. Barry Margulies (Biological Sciences)

“Pre-restoration and Post-restoration Analysis of Rural to Urban Stream Sediments: Particulate Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus”
    Student:  Christopher Manning
    Mentor:  Dr. Joel Moore (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Microtexture Characterization in Hydrothermal Sinter Cores from Alaska”
    Student:  JoAnna Guadalupe Marlow
    Mentor:  Dr. Amy Williams (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Cooperative Concentration-Discharge Hysteresis Patterns for Two Urban Watersheds in the Maryland Piedmont
    Student:  Melinda Marsh
    Mentor:  Dr. Joel Moore (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Factors Controlling the Selectivity and Rate of Alkylbenzene Bromination by Aqueous BrCl and Related Brominating Agents: Influence of Steric and Electronic Effects”
    Student:  Kayla Martin-Cutlet
    Mentor:  Dr. John Sivey (Chemistry)

“Genotyping of Lithobates sylvatica by Sequencing of Microsatellite Loci”
    Student:  Jacob Mitchell
    Mentor:  Dr. Brian Masters (Biological Sciences)

“Effect of Early Angiogenic Activation During the Avascular Regenerative Period in Larval Axolotls”
    Student:  Rodrigo Montoro
    Mentor:  Dr. Renee Dickie (Biological Sciences)

“Minimization of the Pseudomonas Exotoxin A Catalytic Domain via N-Terminal Substitutions”
    Student:  Nicolas Philip
    Mentor:  Dr. John Weldon (Biological Sciences)

“Combination of Sulforaphane and Selenium on DNA Methylation in Colon Cancer Cells”
    Student:  Sarah Price
    Mentor:  Dr. Petra Tsuji (Biological Sciences)

“Furin Mutant Sequencing”
    Student:  Danielle Reifer
    Mentor:  Dr. John Weldon (Biological Sciences)

“Studies on Chemical Fate of Carbamate Pesticides in Tropical Freshwater Systems”
    Student:  Michael Rivera
    Mentor:  Dr. Clare Muhoro (Chemistry)

“Bromination Kinetics in Natural Waters: How Useful Are Data Collected in ‘Clean’ Systems
    Student:  Marella Schammel
    Mentor:  Dr. John Sivey (Chemistry)

“Fabrication of Tin Calcium Fluoride Hyperbolic Metamaterial Superconductors”
    Student:  Sabrina Searfoss
    Mentor:  Dr. Vera Smolyaninova (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Exploring the Bromination Kinetics of Anisole and Salicylic Acid in Natural Water Systems
    Student:  Tyler Swanson
    Mentor:  Dr. John Sivey (Chemistry)

“Development of a Plasmon-Enhanced Single-Beam Optical Trap for Controlled Manipulation of Metal Nanostructures”
    Student:  Timothy Szekerczes
    Mentor:  Dr. Mary Sajini Devadas (Chemistry)

“Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt Nanoparticles for Ferrofluid Applications
    Student:  Emmanuelle Nzouatcham Talsa
    Mentor:  Dr. Mary Sajini Devadas (Chemistry)

Undergraduate Student Travel Grants in 2017 – 2018

To: 2American Association of Physics Teachers 2017 Summer Meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio, July 23, 2017

  • Student: Matthew Conway
         “The Effrect of iPad-Based Curriculum on Pre-Service Teachers' Content
           Knowledge and Technology Self-Efficacy”
  • Mentor: Dr. Deepika Menon (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To: 254th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, Washington, DC, August 20–24, 2017

  • Student: Landon Bechdel
         "Phytochemical Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles Using
           Extracts of Plants for Sensing Applications
  • Mentor: Dr. Mary Sajini Devadas (Chemistry)

  • Student: Kameron Langford
  • Student: Timothy Szekerczes
         “Vanadium Based Type-II metamaterial Superconductors”
  • Mentor: Dr. Mary Sajini Devadas (Chemistry)

To: Mid-Atlantic Association of Science Teacher Education Conference, Prestonsburg, Kentucky, September 29–30, 2017

  • Student: Alissa Buettner
         "Development of Pres-Service Teachers' Identities to Teach
  • Mentor: Dr. Deepika Menon (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

  • Student: Lyvia DaSilva
         “Development of Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Confidence
           to Teach NGSS-based Science Lessons”

      • Mentor: Dr. Deepika Menon (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To: Area Conference of the National Science Teachers Association, Baltimore, Maryland, October 5–7, 2017

  • Student: Madeleine Taylor
         “NGSS in Action: Building a Coherent 3-D Science Lesson”

      • Mentor: Dr. Deepika Menon (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To: Research Centers in Minority Institutions Translational Science 2017 Conference, Washington, DC, October 31, 2017

  • Student: Karljop Bayemake
  • Student: Assitan Coulibaly
  • Student: Luam Haile
         “Biological Odorants Eliciting Attraction in an Insect

      • Mentor: Dr. Vonnie Shields (Biological Sciences)

To: Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego, California, January 10–13, 2018

  • Student: Gabriella Harris
         “Using Multivariable Mathematical Modeling Activities to
           Facilitate Inquiry-based Teaching and Learning: The
           Derivation of Ampere's Law”
  • Mentor: Dr. Kimberly Corum (Mathematics)

  • Student: Rachel Schmitz
         "Vanishing Points in Paintings: An Algebra Educational
  • Mentor: Dr.  Diana Cheng (Mathematics)

  • Student: Rachael Talbert
         "Mathematical Interpretations of Figure Skaters' Blade
  • Mentor: Dr. Diana Cheng (Mathematics)

To: Annual American Physical Society Meeting, Los Angeles, California, March 5–9, 2018

  • Student: Hamma Ali
         "Temperature and Magnectic Field Dependence of the
           Raman Spectra of TaSe2"
  • Student: Bryan Augstein
         "Characterization of Dynamic Light Scattering
            Instrumentation to Determine Nanoparticle Size"
  • Mentor:  Dr. Vera Smolyaninova (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

  • Student: Laura Solomon
         "Quantitative Phase Imaging with Incoherent Light"
  • Mentor:  Dr. Jia-An Yan (Physics, Atronomy & Geosciences)


To: 255th America Chemical Society National Meeting, New Orleans, Louisianna, March 18–22, 2018

  • Student: Amanda Belunis
         "Source Attribution of Dokha, a Middle Eastern Tobacco Product"
  • Mentor: Dr. Ellen Hondrogiannis (Chemistry)

  • Student: Courtney Miller
         "Synthesis of Chiral Sulfoxide Ligands Containing the
           1-(4-Methylnaphthyl)Sulfinyl Group
  • Mentor:  Dr. Timothy Brunker (Chemistry)

  • Student: Luke Monroe
         "UPLC/ESI-TOFMS Method Development for Cocoa
           Origin Classification"
  • Mentor: Dr. Shannon Stitzel (Chemistry)

  • Student: Marella Schammel
         "Bromination and Chlorination Kinetics in Natural Waters:
           How Useful are Data Collected in 'Clean' S
  • Student: Tyler Swanson
         "Exploring the Bromination Kinetics of Anisole and
           Salicylic Acid in Natural Waters"
  • Mentor: Dr. John Sivey (Chemistry)

To: 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, The Woodlands, Texas, March 19–23, 2018

  • Student: Christopher Cook
         "Spectral Characterization of Pterin Molecules:
           Implications for Detecting Life on Mars"
  • Mentor:  Dr. Amy Williams (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To: 2018 Mid Atlantic Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Newark, New Jersey, April 7, 2018

  • Student: David Cote
         "Efficacy of Hand Weeding and Native Reseeding for
           Control of Invasive Oplismenus undulatifolius"
  • Student: Virginia Jeppi
         "Initial Effects of Stream Restoration via Legacy Sediment
           Removal in the Piedmont Province, Maryland"
  • Lisa Wheeler
         "Earthworm Dynamics in a Temperate Deciduous Forest"
  • Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Beauchamp (Biological Sciences)