Coaching Community of Practice

The Coaching Community of Practice brings together national coaches to provide comprehensive leadership solutions for our region’s corporate, government and nonprofit sectors. 

Coaches hold expertise in a variety of organizational and individual growth areas that are key to the very specific leadership needs of the Institute’s stakeholders and partners. This ensures the Institute provides well-rounded counsel and coaching support. Each Coaching Collective coach is:

  • Aligned with the Institute's guiding principles and values.
  • Committed to serving the Institute's participants and organizational partners in obtaining results-driven outcomes.
  • Diverse and inclusive in offering customized coaching solutions across multiple diverse communities and with a commitment to justice, equity and fairness as key to every coach’s and leader’s responsibilities. 
  • Experienced in the leading coaching pedagogies and backed by industry-recognized credentials. 
  • Growth-minded and life-long learners who are catalysts for individual, group, team and organizational evolution and transformation. 
  • Passionate about coaching and believe that coaching is a privilege, an opportunity, and an obligation to support the dignity and development of all. 
  • Trained to co-create relevant and, when possible, immediately applicable solutions to the leader’s current personal and professional goals. 

Meet our coaches

Each of our coaches brings their unique experience, coaching style and credentials to meet the unique needs of clients.

Benefits to coaches

Members of the Coaching Collective are matched with a client using a proprietary matching process. Coaches utilize their skills and talents to support leaders in their journey. Institute coaches receive access to leadership experts and facilitators, continuing education and training, and rich engagement with peers through the learning community.
Coaches benefit by: 

  • Funneled and matched coaching clients through the Institute’s Coaching Collective pathway and framework
  • Dedicated administrative support for matching, client management, invoicing and operations 
  • Opportunity to positively impact leaders across organizations with an initial emphasis on middle managers, who will in turn impact the health of their team, organization, industry and the overall region 
  • Offering guidance and counsel to a unique, growing and expanding leadership Institute that will help to catalyze the region forward through transformative leaders
  • Providing pro bono coaching 
  • Receiving personal and professional development through engaging with fellow coaches 
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