Coaching Solutions & Pathways

Interested in growing as a leader? Want to empower your team? No matter where you are on your leadership journey, our coaching solutions will meet you there.

Coaching provides leaders the opportunity to explore and strengthen their leadership skills to improve employee engagement, enhance equity and fairness, retain key talent and strengthen organizational culture, all in a private space. 
Leaders are matched with high impact coaches using our custom process to ensure each participant is matched with a coach that meets their individual goals, needs and style. The coach supports the leader as a partner, using deep connective listening and experiential learning to identify opportunities for enhancement of self and social awareness to propel the leader forward, personally and professionally.

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Consult and Intake

Fill out this form to receive a free coaching consult for yourself or your team. We’ll be in touch with next steps.


Match and Transform

Our matching formula is simple, but differentiates us from the rest. We gauge your level of readiness to be coached and seek to match you with a coach that best aligns with your needs, goals and preferred coaching style. After a matching diagnostic, we will connect you with your coach to begin the transformation.


Application and Impact

Coaching doesn’t end with step two. Each individual or organization receives:

  • A dedicated liaison
  • Relevant material and implementation tools
  • Post-session recommendations
  • Survey and evaluation
  • Professional development tracking

A continuum of growth opportunities  

Leadership development is not a “one and done” endeavor. Our coaching solutions are designed to be a continuum of growth opportunities that support leaders and organizations as they grow and evolve. The Institute offers a menu of coaching solutions for organizations and individuals that support a wide range formatting options, budget size and program duration to meet your leadership needs.

Custom Fit Coaching for Organizations

Institute staff and the Coaching Collective provide comprehensive and integrated solutions, customized to meet organizational needs and gaps in leadership development. Custom solutions leverage the collective coaching expertise to ensure you have a team of coaches ready to meet your unique goals and objectives. 

This option provides flexibility for partners and organizations to support team and individual coaching needs as they arise. Our coaching support relieves organizational pressure on professional development and provides real time expertise to drive leadership development forward. This approach allows your organization the ability to allocate coaching support at discounted rates, where it is needed in your organization at any given time. As you determine priorities and shifts to your leadership development efforts, this approach ensures you have a trusted partner that understands your coaching and leadership development needs and objectives by your side.

  • Initial consult with staff and dedicated liaison
  • Incremental coaching hours for 1:1, team or organizational coaching 
  • Relevant material and implementation tactics
  • Post-session recommendations 
  • Survey and evaluation
  • Professional development tracking

Coming January 2022—Packaged Coaching Solutions for Individuals

To get you started, the Institute offers packaged coaching solutions covering all aspects of the leadership journey from start to finish, and anything and everything in between.  
We offer packaged coaching solutions for individuals, whether you are just starting your leadership journey, want to get to that next leadership level, are considering a career change, or need coaching on a specific challenge. 

  • Coaching for Professional and Personal Exploration 
    This package is for new and emerging leaders at any level of any organization, as well as any level of leader focusing on a one time challenge or opportunity. 
  • Coaching as a Catalyst for Next Level Development  
    This package is for mid-level leaders in any organization for any period of time.  This package provides leaders with next steps to propel their leadership story and that of their teams.  
  • Coaching for Individual and Organizational Transformation
    This package is for seasoned leaders in any organization, as well as leaders wanting to create a more intentional focus around specific leadership development needs, such as developing a culture of coaching or wellness program for their organization.  
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