Events & Experiences

We offer dynamic opportunities for leaders of all levels to meet personal and professional development goals.

Organizations and individuals have the opportunity to participate in innovative, transformational and dynamic experiences that uniquely support leadership recruitment, development, and retention to bolster institutions and organizations. Opportunities include: 

  • focus on cutting-edge topics and issues
  • provide cross sector networking opportunities
  • strengthen community building
  • integrate learning across the leadership journey
  • provide opportunities for leaders of all levels to meet personal or organizational goals

Leadership Mastery

Leadership mastery requires continuous effort as well as endurance and dedication. It also requires continuing education, lifelong learning, and a passion for coaching others. These opportunities ensure professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to drive impact for their organizations and in their communities. Examples of continuing education practice areas include:

  • Leadership Development Community of Practitioners
    This community is designed for human resources and leadership development professionals. This key group supports the institute, promotes cross-collaboration, and informs strategic partnerships.
  • Coaching Collective Community of Practice
    The Coaching Collective is a community of high-caliber coaches who meet designated criteria. Leveraging collective intelligence, they vet best practices, examine industry trends and ideate to push the field of coaching forward.
  • What’s Trending Conversations
    Pop-up events that convene leaders and stakeholders to dive into challenges and opportunities facing our region.


Practicums provide individuals and organizations with skill-based, applicable and transferable tool kits on distinct topics. By leveraging best practices, participants can develop new talents, build networks, and walk away with the ability to propel innovation and transferable leadership practices into their organizations. Practicums vary in format, delivery, frequency and can be customized and delivered in collaboration with partner organizations.

2021–2022 Practicums

Grounded Ethics in Leadership

Ethical leadership is core to the Institute. This series is for established and aspirational leaders, organizations and leadership development professionals. Leaders will find and strengthen their own ethics muscle and also gain the ability to advocate, empower and lead through the ethical dilemmas we face every day.

Coaching Across Leadership

People are organizations’ greatest asset. Creating a coaching culture is our obligation as leaders to motivate, develop and promote the well-being of our people. As leaders, it is our duty to uncover and leverage the strengths of our people and enable them to do the same for their teams as well. This series focuses on building a coaching culture for our organizations, as well as the role that coaching plays in our own leadership story. 

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