Peer Education

The Wellness Peer Education program is currently on hold. Please check back for updates. 

Our Mission
The Wellness Peer Education Group was established to encourage community engagement and participation in activities aimed at health education and overall wellness. The peer education program seeks to train student leaders to empower and engage the campus community in health related activities and behaviors. Through outreach and advocacy, peer educators help to make Towson University a healthier and safer environment for all students. Furthermore, peer educators help other students evaluate the risk of health-related behaviors, supply accurate information, and lend support for healthy lifestyle choices.

Peer Education

Information for students

What is Wellness TU?

The Wellness TU Health Education and Promotion programs are aligned with our mission and formed with the purpose of providing all Towson University students with comprehensive health education and wellness services. The Wellness TU initiatives will drive our program planning for the year. It is the hope that we can tailor programming and presentations to meet peer educators personal interests and area of expertise. The following are a list of Wellness TU initiatives.

  • Living Well at TU
  • Safe Use TU
  • Happiness TU
  • Good Eats TU
  • Love Safe TU
What do I do as a Wellness Peer Educator?

Peer educators participate in health fairs, staff information tables, sponsor free HIV testing on campus, publish newsletters, manage social media pages, and give presentations on topics such as HIV and other STIs, safer sex, smoking cessation, nutrition, stress management, and mental health issues

What are the Wellness Peer Educator Benefits?
  • Your own private, personal space in the Health Center to plan, study, or relax!
    • Equipped with a spare office for general peer educators
    • A private office for the lead-peer educator
    • Four computers
    • Wall-mounted TV
    • Private, keyed lockers
  • Experiential or “hands on” approach to learning
  • Gain experience in group leadership
  • Meet new friends/people
  • Service opportunity
  • Develop skills:
    • Group facilitation skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Listening skills
  • Develop positive working relationships with:
    • Other students
    • Student Health Services
    • Resident Hall Staff
    • Other various departments
  • Gain information in specific areas of health
  • Develop an area of expertise
  • Involvement in a dynamic, pro-active peer program
 How will I be trained?

The Wellness Education Annual Training is held at the beginning of each fall semester and is a two-day session that teaches up-to-date health information, effective communication skills, and utilizes interactive educational tools. Both sessions are mandatory in order to participate in the upcoming school year's health outreach programs.

Periodic trainings and program updates will be conducted at various points during the school year.

What is expected of me?

There are varying degrees of involvement in the peer education program. We currently have two paid positions, with the remaining roles completely voluntary. Even if you are not in a paid position you are still gaining valuable experience in leadership, program planning and implementation, and public speaking (all of which help to build an excellent resume!). There is a required one year commitment to the group from each member.

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a member of the Wellness Peer Education Group?

Applications to the peer education program are accepted 365 days a year! Towson University students who are passionate about making a difference on our campus are encouraged to apply. No previous peer education experience is necessary! Anyone with an interest in educating other students about making healthy life choices can be a peer educator.

Please fill out the online application today!

Please fill out the online application today!