Sexual Assault Peer Education

The Sexual Assault Peer Education (SAPE) Program is a group of students committed to preventing sexual violence at Towson University and beyond. We promote consent, empower active bystanders, teach healthy communication, and support survivors by educating our peers and ourselves. 

Workshop offerings 

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Bystander Intervention

Bystander intervention is an important leadership skill for all members of our community. In this workshop, participants will define consent, bystander intervention, and sexual violence. Through real-life examples we will discuss common barriers to intervention and the bystander effect. In small groups, participants will identify situations that call for intervention, learn bystander intervention strategies, and how to support students who have experienced sexual violence. While this training is focused on preventing sexual violence, these bystander intervention skills can be applied to any unsafe situation. 

Safe Squad Goals

This interactive workshop teaches participants bystander intervention and emergency response strategies as applied to sexual violence and alcohol and drugs. This training reviews the TU sexual misconduct policy and code of student conduct, provides information about TU specific resources, and teaches response strategies we can all use to keep each other safe.

Healthy Relationship

This training teaches participants how to identify if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy and learn strategies for helping a friend in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. In addition to discussing unhealthy relationships, this workshop allows participants to assess their own communication styles and develop skills for healthy communication in romantic and platonic relationships. Take away resources about healthy and unhealthy relationships are provided.

Supporting Survivors

This workshop, ideal for students who are likely to receive a high volume of disclosures, trains students to empathize and support survivors of sexual violence. At the end of this training participants will be able to identify disclosures of sexual violence, understand the role of trauma in healing from sexual violence, and know TU, community, and self care resources for healing.

Safer Sex

Through a group game, participants will learn the role of consent in a healthy and happy sex life, how to assess and reduce risks of sexual behaviors, learn about birth control and STI prevention, and get to ask anonymous sexual health questions. Free safer sex supplies are also provided.

Title IX for Student Leaders

In this training, students will learn their federal and TU rights and responsibilities related to sexual violence. At the end of this training students will be able to identify sexual violence and consent, learn strategies to support students who have experienced sexual violence, understand the university process of reporting sexual violence, and know on and off campus resources.


Are you interested in helping others understand consent, bystander intervention, healthy communication, and more? All students with at least two semesters left at TU are welcome to apply.

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