Sexual Assault Peer Education

The Sexual Assault Peer Education (SAPE) Program is a group of students committed to preventing sexual violence at Towson University and beyond. Our educational efforts cover consent and communication, bystander intervention, sex positivity, resources for survivors of sexual violence and their friends, and related topics. We promote a culture enthusiastic consent, empower active bystanders, healthy communication, and supported survivors by educating our peers and ourselves. 

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What type of training do students in the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Peer Education Program receive?


    • Students will understand the Towson University Sexual Misconduct Policy definition of consent
  • Students will gain the skills to ask for consent and respect the answer given
  • Students will be able to identify situations in which consent is not possible
  • Students will recognize consent to be an integral part of a healthy and fulfilling sexual and romantic life
  • Students will develop the skills to discuss and negotiate healthy sexuality, gender roles, and relationships with partners and friends
  • Students will respect the diversity of healthy sexualities and relationships in our community


        • Students will be able to define bystander intervention
        • Students will be able to identify situations that call for intervention including early warning signs of sexual violence
        • Students will gain the skills to intervene appropriately to de-escalate and interrupt violent, unsafe, or non-consensual interactions and relationships


  • Students will know how to identify all behaviors prohibited by the Towson University Sexual Misconduct Policy (sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking, relationship violence, and sexual intimidation)
  • Students will know how to report sexual misconduct and understand what happens when sexual misconduct is reported
  • Students will know the on- and off-campus resources for sexual violence prevention and response and understand the difference between confidential and private resources
  • Students will be comfortable referring others to on and off campus resources

 What do SAPEs do?

  • Peer educators are invited into classrooms and student group meetings to deliver presentations on sexual assault and related issues such as Consent, Bystander Intervention, and Sex Positivity.
  • They may also be involved in assisting staff members in delivering programs to the larger Towson community.
  • They organize and assist with tabling outreach (which includes games like Consent is Sexy Trivia and Continuum of Consent), events (such as the Sexual Assault Street Team during Consent is Sexy Week), and other campus-wide media and digital outreach campaigns on campus.

What can you gain from joining SAPE?:

  • Be a leader on campus
  • Build your resume
  • Develop public speaking, presentation, and event-planning skills
  • Learn more about sexual violence and sexual violence prevention
  • Meet other students and form new friendships
  • Create a safer TU community

Are you interested in helping others understand consent, bystander intervention, healthy communication, and more? Apply to become a SAPE! ALL students with a t least two semesters left at TU are welcome to apply.