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Parents, guardians, and families play a vital role in the personal and educational success of our Honors College students. We know how much easier it is to support and encourage students when you have up-to-date information about the resources and opportunities available through the Honors College and through Towson University. We also know that you want to be engaged in your student’s education, and encourage you to do so through the Honors Parents Council.

Honors Parent Council

The Honors Parents Council (HPC) is a community of parents and family members committed to initiatives that enhance the Honors student experience at TU. In support of the mission and development of the Towson University Honors College, the goals of the HPC are to:

  • Provide opportunities for parents and family members of highly-motivated students to share advice and information.
  • Facilitate opportunities for parents and family members to build relationships with Honors College faculty and staff.
  • Make the experiences of Honors students even more personally and educationally rewarding.
  • Raise awareness about the opportunities inherent in undergraduate honors education.
  • Enrich the Honors College community and build a network that benefits students and alumni.

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Honors College Weekly

The Honors Parents Council is separate from TU's Family Network, another great resource for staying involved with campus.

Family Involvement Opportunities

  • During the first week of classes, the Honors College and Honors Parents Council co-host the virtual Honors Parent/Family Orientation Panel Session for family of incoming Honors students. Panel session attendees will meet Honors staff and campus partners, and have a chance to ask questions about the Honors experience.
  • The Honors College Family Breakfast and Celebration of Scholarship and Learning (CSL) take place on the Saturday morning of Towson Family Weekend. Registration for the Honors Breakfast and CSL is managed by the New Student and Family Programs Office, and the program is free. HPC members are invited to serve as judges for the CSL. Judging simply requires arriving about 30 minutes prior to the event and using a simple rubric to evaluate a students’ research or work. If you are interested, please email .

  • At the end of each term the HPC organizes Smoothie Saturday, where Honors families make smoothies and provide snacks for students on the Saturday morning before the Final Exam Period. It's a great opportunity to connect with students and show support for them in a stressful academic moment, and all students are welcome regardless of whether they live in Douglass or elsewhere on or off campus.

Campus Resources

One of the best ways to support your students is to familiarize yourself with TU’s policies, procedures, services, and resources. The Honors College partners with other campus units to provide opportunities to our students such as the Honors Living Learning Community and Honors College Scholarship awards, while respecting the areas of responsibility for each unit.

Housing & Residence Life

The Department of Housing & Residence Life (HRL) partners with the Honors College to offer the Honors Living Learning Community, an intentional community for academic-minded students located in Douglass House. Incoming Honors students who choose to live on campus are automatically placed in the Honors Community. HRL operates Douglass House and students must meet all HRL deadlines and requirements in order to live in Douglass. The Honors College cannot make or request any exceptions to HRL deadlines, requirements, or policies.

Financial Aid Office

The Honors College identifies recipients of the Honors College Scholarship award, which is administered and disbursed by the Financial Aid Office. All terms and conditions must be met to continue receiving an Honors College Scholarship and the amount and length of the scholarship cannot be increased. All requests to reinstate cancelled scholarships (such as in the case of a medical withdrawal from TU) should be addressed to the Financial Aid Office, as the Honors College cannot reinstate cancelled scholarships.

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