Classification & Compensation

Human Resources' Classification & Compensation unit adheres to University System of Maryland (USM) guidelines in order to determine employee classification and compensation. We support supervisors with position classification, position descriptions, and salary recommendations.


Our Philosophy

Towson University uses a position-based philosophy, meaning the compensation and classification of a position is determined based on the responsibilities and requirements of the job, not additional degrees or experience an applicant may possess.

The Employment, Compensation, and Classification unit works with supervisors on requests for compensation and classification reviews.  If you would like to discuss a review for one of your employees, contact Jennifer Stano at 410-704-6013 for next steps. Employees interested in a compensation or classification review should present their request to their supervisor.

Types of Positions

There are two general types of staff positions at Towson.

  • Non-exempt positions are those protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) ensuring that employees receive at least the minimum hourly wage and overtime pay for any time worked over 40 hours per week.
  • Exempt positions do not adhere to FLSA requirements; these salaried positions are not eligible for overtime pay.

Salary Structures

  • Towson University uses the USM non-exempt salary structure (PDF) and with corresponding job specifications. The rate of pay for non-exempt positions is provided on the job announcement.
  • University police officer positions, also non-exempt, have their own unique salary structure (PDF).
  • Due to the diversity and complexity of exempt positions, each position is reviewed independently and placed into a wide salary range (PDF). The specific salary is identified through a process of internal equity and market analysis.

Job Specifications

Non-exempt positions use the USM universal job specifications. Exempt positions do not have a common set of job specifications due to the diverse and complex nature of exempt jobs throughout the USM. Each position is reviewed against internal and external position descriptions.

On-Call and Shift Differential Rates


Sworn Police Officers: $1.35/hr
All Other Positions: $1.00/hr

Shift Differential

Sworn Police Officers: $1.50/hr
All Other Positions: $1.00/hr

Secondary Employment

Internal Secondary Employment

Staff employees interested in secondary employment at Towson University must complete the Secondary Employment Requisition and Certification form and route for signatures in accordance with the policy on Secondary Employment for Regular Non-Faculty Employees. Employees are not permitted to begin secondary employment prior to approval from their primary department and the Office of Human Resources (OHR). 

External Secondary Employment

State agencies and their employees are subject to state ethics laws which are administered through the State Ethics Commission. An important compliance consideration for agencies and their employees is related to secondary employment, especially as it pertains to state employees who have a financial interest in or secondary employment with an entity doing business with the primary agency in which he or she is employed.

A Towson University employee interested in external secondary employment must complete a request form (Form 25) for secondary employment. The request, along with a copy of the employee's position description, must be routed through the employee's department to the Office of Human Resources (OHR). The OHR will submit the request to the State Ethics Commission for consideration. Employees are not to begin secondary employment prior to approval of their request by the State Ethics Commission.

Questions can be directed to the OHR at x4-2162. 

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