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Investing in the professional development of the workforce is imperative to the continued success of Towson University. The university’s Office of Human Resources is committed to providing quality professional and personal development opportunities to open career paths for faculty and staff and to support them in reaching their professional goals. Faculty and staff are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous opportunities for continuous learning offered by the University, particularly those offered through our eLearning program.

TEC, TU’s eLearning Center, is an exceptional resource to gain skills and knowledge and to further enhance strengths already gained from experience and education. Through TEC, faculty and staff have access to a library of thousands of courses, which can be taken via the Internet from any computer, from any location with Internet access, at any time of the day or night. The TEC library is vast and provides a mix of IT professional certifications, business process and management development, and personal development.

Access to TEC is simple.  Your 7 digit employee id is your user id and the password is "towson".  If you need assistance contact .

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TEC offers the most extensive e-learning catalog in the industry, ensuring the best possible learning experience.