Black Faculty & Staff Association

The mission of the Black Faculty and Staff Association is to support the retention, recruitment, and development of the University’s black faculty and staff while also supporting the needs of the black students. The association fosters networking across diverse lines and actively engages with the Metro Baltimore Community.


  • Establish and maintain community by providing a vehicle for faculty, administrators and staff to network, collaborate in professional activities, and advocate for concerns communicated by members of the community;
  • Provide a student support system by engaging with students and provide mentoring opportunities which may support retention efforts;
  • Support the University’s mission especially at it relates to diversity and inclusion;
  • Help promote outreach efforts that will support the black community on campus and the surrounding areas. 

Bylaws & Goals 

We would like to receive all feedback related to the bylaws by September 29, 2017. Suggestions can be sent to . Approval of the bylaws will be completed by the October general body meeting. 

Executive Officers


Contact Information

April Smith




Barton House, Room 143 

Joel Bolling 

Vice President 



University Union, Room 313

Kinton Stamper



Enrollment Services Center, Room 309

Dena Barnwell




University Union, Room 216

Jameta Barlow 

Faculty Representative



Liberal Arts, Room 3131

Tammie King-Kelly

Exempt Representative 



University Union, Room 313

Delrene Thompson 

Non Exempt Representative 



7800 York Road, Room 217

Meeting Schedule

Join us every Second Wednesday of the month in person or online (via Webex) from 12:30-1:30 p.m. as we host our Meaningful Monthly Meetings! Topics range from how to prepare yourself for leadership and promotions at Towson University to how to start and manage your own successful company. Topics change every month and are chosen from the members of the organization.  If you have questions or concerns, please forward them to . Like us on Facebook @BFSATowson for more information on upcoming meeting topics and events.


The BFSA uses various methods and tools to communicate and engage with members of the Association. Please visit our Facebook page to access current information about meetings, events, and hot topics. Members can feel free to send us an email, , to our mail drop with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. 

Newsletters & Announcements 

In order to keep everyone up to date on what the organization is doing, you can find various announcements and newsletters below: 

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Resources 


Black Student Athlete Celebration Nights

FEB 17

Tip off at 7 P.M. Pregame Celebration at 5:30 P.M.

Join the BFSA and other groups as we celebrate current and past Towson University athletes. 

Black Student Athlete Celebration Nights

FEB 25

Tip off at 2 P.M. Pregame Celebration at 12:30 P.M.

 Join the BFSA and other groups as we celebrate current and past Towson University athletes. 

General Body Meeting 

MAR 12

12:30 P.M. Location TBD









Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention for members of the Association. The committee must develop and facilitate a program for reaching out to new employees, to invite them to the organization. The membership committee will create, modify, and distribute membership forms, in addition to and establishing and communicating benefits for being a member of the association. 
Events Planning Committee
The Event Planning Committee is responsible for developing programs and events that support the retention, recruitment and development of the members of the Association and other events to promote the purpose of the Association. They will communicate effectively with internal and external organizations/resources, recruit volunteers for events held by BFSA, set up tabling events including the involvement fair. They must plan fundraiser events to accommodate the predetermined fundraising goal (predetermined by the president, and event planner). The event planner may be asked to help set up social events in corroboration with other student groups on campus, email guest speakers, confirm their appointment, and provide them with parking codes. 
Communications Committee
The Communication Committee works with the Association, the executive committee, as well as other committees to coordinate communication relevant to the BFSA for both internal and external audiences. The communications committee takes initiative to inform all members of meetings, news and/or events of BFSA. They will take on the responsibility of taking care of the website (uploading information, picture, etc.), taking pictures at each event, maintaining the BFSA Social Media (The President and Vice President can also have access to LinkedIn and Twitter), and managing all ads.