Community Wellness

Wellness Center

Wellness Membership

Anyone can become a member at the Towson University Wellness Center. 
All members receive standardized fitness assessments and evaluations after joining. This includes medical history overview, resting measurements, body composition measurements (skinfolds and/or circumferences), posture assessment, and strength and flexibility assessments. Assessment results are shared with you and used to customize an exercise program. Our Exercise Physiologists are experienced in developing programs for a wide range of fitness levels and chronic medical conditions. As a member, you will also receive significant discounts on personal training sessions o group exercise classes. Our connection to the faculty at Towson University provides additional membership benefits. Members can participate in advanced fitness and metabolic assessments, nutritional analysis, and faculty wellness research programs. Finally, we don't charge an initiation fee and parking in our garage is convenient and free.

Please contact us at or 410-704-4555 for more information.

Towson University Faculty and Staff Membership

The Towson University Faculty and Staff Wellness Program is dedicated to promoting health and enhancing quality of life for the Towson University campus. Towson University faculty, staff, and retired employees enjoy all the above-listed benefits of a Wellness Center Membership at a significantly reduced cost.

Please contact us at or 410-704-4555 for more information.

Hussman Center for Adults with Autism Well Fit Program

Fitness Programs for adults on the autism spectrum are offered jointly with the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism. This program encourages participation in functional exercise that improves health, energy and motor learning for adults with autism. The focus of this program is to integrate exercise into fun group activities that promote an enthusiasm for fitness. Towson University students work together with Wellness Center staff in this fun and exciting program.

To register for the Fitness Program, please visit the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism on the Web. 

Adults with autism who participate in the Hussman Center Well-Fit Program can also become full members of the Wellness Center and work on fitness goals outside of class. 

Wellness in Stroke and Head Injury (WISH)

The WISH program is designed for recent or long-term survivors of head injury or stroke who are seeking cost-effective ways to continue their rehabilitation. WISH provides adults with speech, language and occupational therapy integrated into a variety of daily living activities. WISH members also participate in twice weekly exercise programs at the Wellness Center. This program is offered in partnership with the Occupational Therapy Center and the Speech and Language Center.