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Mike Unger

Lori Marchetti
Art Director/Designer

Kanji Takeno
Staff Photographer

Lauren Castellana
Assistant Photographer

Tasha Lloyd
Production Manager


Alison Armstrong ’09/’13
Megan Bradshaw
Will Hartman ’20
Rebecca Kirkman
Felicity Knox ’94
Jan Lucas
Khoi Nguyen’21
Briana Richert ’20
Sam Sessa
Chandler Vicchio
Sean Welsh ’05

We received lots of emails following the redesign of the magazine. Here’s some of what readers had to say.

I would like to compliment you and your staff on the redesign of TU Magazine. I literally read it cover to cover. The article on Baltimore’s craft beer companies and the influence of TU alumni was fascinating. The high quality of the writing and photography make this publication something to be proud of. I graduated from TSU in 1968 and my wife in 1969. TU Magazine has been a good way for us to stay in touch with our alma mater so we are really pleased with what you have done. And by the way, the TU logo is great. Now I need to get a T-shirt with the new logo.
-Albert Fowler ’68

The new magazine looks really great and the content was on point. Well done, congrats to all involved.
-Joann (Herber) Foltz ’83

I received and read the latest TU Magazine. Congratulations on the redesign. The layout is great and the texture updated but the content was a marked improvement too. Great execution. Congratulations on the success.
-Sean Williams ’05

Wanted to take a minute to say I thoroughly enjoyed TU Magazine. Sat down and read it cover to cover tonight and it was filled with so many awesome articles. I’ve always loved the magazine but this one definitely was a step up and “bigger” in many aspects. Kudos on a job well done and a project complete; on to the next one.
-Lena Hancock, assistant director of marketing operations

I would like to congratulate you on the superb new version of TU Magazine; it really is an outstanding issue—not only is the format highly engaging but the content consistently highlights the impressive story of Towson University. Very well done, indeed.
-Alan Clardy, professor emeritus

I just wanted to let you know that I love books and magazines in person and online. I love them so much I made them my career. I read the new mag online when it was featured and today got the hard copy. Excellent work, I love it, the articles and photos are spot on. Please tell anyone that was involved that this is good enough to sell. Can’t wait until the next one.
-Stacy Elofir, director, University Store

I received your Summer 2019 issue and commend you and your associates for a most attractive and exceptionally inviting production. I was greeted with a picture of a bear cub, the words “Shooting To Save,” as a teaser or lead-in to your article on page 27. Call me touchy, but I suggest that this should have been either not inside the cover at all, or if it was, you might have used the word “Photographing” instead of “Shooting.” But the magazine is a delight. TU Magazine reminds me of, and very well may surpass, other local-interest productions such as Johns Hopkins Magazine and Hopkins Medicine, which also come to me. I’m not even a Towson graduate—my partner Harriet is—and I snatch TU Magazine out of our mailbox before she can even see it.
-John Clark

Editor’s Note: We also heard from a few people who complimented the magazine’s look and its content, but felt that some of the text was too small to read easily. In response, we’ve increased the font size in some sections. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write—we always appreciate the feedback.