Raft Woodus’ Legacy

Raft Woodus

With his soothing voice and reassuring smile, Raft Woodus has mentored TU students for almost 40 years. Currently the director of the Student Success Programs, Woodus previously held leadership roles in the Tutoring Center, Office of Disability Student Services and Office of Commuter Affairs (all of which have been renamed). Colleague Joel Bolling estimates that Woodus has been a guiding influence for more than 11,700 students involved with the SAGE (Students Achieve Goals through Education) program.

Tammie King-Kelly ’17 credits Woodus with changing her life. “Raft was my anchor, connecting me to a community and campus resources to support my success in academics, and in life,” she says. Judging from the many reminiscences that fill Woodus’ Facebook page, King-Kelly is joined in her admiration by scores of alumni.

In recognition of his extraordinary commitment to students, particularly those who are the first in their families to experience college, Woodus’s colleagues and friends have established the Raft Woodus Student Success Programs Fund with a goal of raising $10,000. This fund will provide additional program resources and direct support for deserving students through stipends and scholarships.

Ever modest, Woodus at first balked at the notion of a fund in his name, but he eventually demurred. “If associating the fund with my name helps raise money for students, well then, I guess I can go along with that,” he says.

If you have been helped along your journey by Woodus or simply want to honor the distinguished career of an outstanding mentor, please make your gift today. Thank you for your support.