On the Cover

New TU President Mark Ginsberg has done a lot of things throughout his illustrious career. He’s been a professor, clinician, dean and provost, but rarely has he been a model.

Photo shoot with Dr. Ginsberg at the Union

Following our cover shoot at the University Union, we can report that he's a natural. Ginsberg chatted with many of the 12 students who helped out during the session, and often it appeared that he was so into the conversations that he forgot he was being photographed.

“Dr. Ginsberg's outgoing personality worked perfectly for this cover, which is why we opted not to do a standard portrait,” says Director of Photographic Services Lauren Castellana ’13, ’23. “His relaxed attitude shines through in the photo.”

Correction: A tout on the cover incorrectly listed the profession of Jenny Steffens, featured on page 24. She is a physican assistant.