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Meet Suzy Ganz

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Suzy Ganz’s journey as an entrepreneur has given her a sense of purpose, fulfillment and accomplishment. For the CEO and chairman of the apparel branding company Lion Brothers, it has always been about having a vision and leading a talented team. 

“I love it because I’m able to help shape the mission, culture and values of an organization, be part of a continuous learning journey and importantly, put vision into practice to create meaningful impact.”

When did you first discover your entrepreneurial spirit?

It was shaped by my parents who had their own business and practice. My father was an investment manager, and my mother was a speech pathologist. I learned that each of us can  create value and change lives. They gave me the confidence to pursue excellence, take thoughtful risks and make a meaningful contribution.

You have given generously to launch programming at the StarTUp at the Armory. Why did you chose TU as a beneficiary of your gift?

TU has always been a remarkable institution that blends the academic and theoretical with practice, so it is a natural extension to support entrepreneurship at Towson. With a community of talented students, StarTUp is a place for students and faculty to take their research and ideas and test them in the commercial world. 

If you could impart one piece of advice to young entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Entrepreneurship is a journey. Very few entrepreneurs get their first business concept right. Find great mentors or advisers who  can broaden your world, allow you to unpack your thoughts and feelings and are unafraid to tell you the truth when you ask the hard questions.