Building for the Future

After thorough research and extensive community outreach, TU has drafted its 2020–30 campus master plan, the document that will guide future decision-making regarding on-campus improvements.

campus master plan illustratration showing locations of West Village, Pedestrian Bridge and College of Health Professions building

For the first time, TU’s master plan is in direct alignment with the university’s strategic plan and its Self-Study for Middle States Re-Accreditation, which ensures a focused and comprehensive vision for the university. 

The master plan outlines a long-term framework for sustainable development of academic, research and student life buildings as well as landscapes and infrastructure to connect and support them. Some of the major projects envisioned in the plan include updates to core areas of campus and renovated and new infrastructure to support TU’s goal of achieving a Carnegie Classification as an R2 Doctoral University with High Research Activity. The plan also maps out the creation of a North–South Campus Greenway as part of a larger connection between South Campus (SECU Arena, the Auburn House) and downtown Towson and calls for developing and refining the edges of campus to enhance engagement between TU and the surrounding community. While construction timelines and building designs will fluctuate over the years, these renderings demonstrate the transformation taking place on campus now and provide the starting point for imagining the future of TU. Read more about the campus master plan

Pedestrian Bridge

As part of the proposed North–South Greenway, a new bridge over Osler Drive and Auburn Drive connects the campus life center and academic core to the athletics district with an accessible route. The network of paths would run from South Campus (Auburn House, athletic fields) through campus to the new College of Business & Economics building at the corner of York Road and Burke Avenue.

Pedestrian Bridge

West Village

New housing is planned for the West Village residential district, with the addition of open space to replace the Enrollment Services building. Currently housing options in West Village include Barton, Tubman and Douglass houses; West Village 1 and 2, Marshall Hall, Towson Run and Millennium Hall.

West Village

College of Business and Economics

The construction of a new building for the College of Business and Economics at York Road and Burke Avenue redefines this gateway to campus. Regrading the hillside connects the campus to downtown Towson in a more meaningful and accessible way.

College of Business & Economics