Our Town: Domino Sugar

T’Shurah Dove ’02 manages 100 accounts that use the company’s iconic sugar in their products.

T'Shurah Dove in front of the Domino Sugar sign


T’Shurah Dove ’02 has a sweet gig. As a senior customer service specialist for Domino Sugar, she manages about 100 accounts that use the company’s sugar in their products.

“I have a sense of pride when I go into my favorite store and I see that I put the order in for a particular product,” says the radio/TV/film major.

The iconic Baltimore refinery can produce more than 6 million pounds of sugar per day. That’s more than enough to satisfy Dove’s sweet tooth, which has only gotten worse since she started working for the company about three years ago.

“I can’t get away from snacks,” she says. “There are cupcakes right now at the office.”

Several photos of the Dominio Sugar favctory