President’s Letter

Fellow TU Tigers,

It was one year ago this spring that I was approached about my prospective interest in the presidency of Towson University. As I learned more about the university and its mission,  I knew this was a place I could call home. Now, six months into my presidency, it really is home. 

Mark Ginsberg

And I mean that literally. My wife, Elaine, and I are living in a residence hall on campus most nights of the week—a decision that allows us to fully invest ourselves in this terrific community. Nearly every night, we attend campus events—from athletics to the arts to academic showcases—eat dinner with students and get to know the many neighbors and friends of TU. 

This busy and exciting spring included a wonderful inauguration ceremony in April, one of the greatest honors of my career. I shared my vision for the future of Towson University and vowed that as we grow and evolve, we will always remain true to the core values that are so deeply ingrained in our DNA. Core values like student success, teaching excellence, community engagement and, above all, a commitment to inclusion and access for all.

As you may have heard, my goal is to help make a great university even greater. There is already such extraordinary work happening at TU and among our network of alumni—much of which you can read about in this issue. You'll find the incredible stories of alums—like Marty Hendrick ’80 and Jennifer Skolochenko-Platt ’99—helping others, the ways TU is fostering student success and how a little dog named Bruno is the most popular guy among our student population.

I know with your support, we will make Towson University the very best it can be for the Tigers of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Mark Ginsberg, Ph.D.
Towson University President