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From the desk of Felicity Knox '94, assistant university archivist librarian

International expo for TU in the 1960s

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Hey Felicity... 

Q: How long have there been international students at TU? 

A: In fall 1950, the State Teachers College at Towson (STC) students raised money to sponsor a student, Ellen Rochstroh, from Germany to attend for the academic year. This was part of a national effort to welcome international students to U.S. schools and a way to rebuild international relationships after World War II. 

For the next decade or so, the school would continue to sponsor students from Europe, and by 1966, the course catalogs contained admissions policies for international students.

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TU Tiger Tracks magazine first edition

What's New

Tiger Tracks collection

In 1975, the Tiger Club was established to support fundraising efforts for the school’s athletic programs. The newsletters it created are full of information regarding players and teams. SCUA has digitized the collections of newsletters we have, making them easily searchable for player names or sports. 

How the Career Center Came to Be

State Teacher College Bus with students


The school’s focus on training teachers meant most students would have to find positions in the public school system. According to catalogs, the school “provides suitable assistance where it can.” The bus here transported student-teachers to their assigned schools. 

TU Job Fair from 1992


When the school transitioned to a liberal arts college in 1963, helping students find careers after their graduation became an essential part of its duties. The Placement Office was created to help students find jobs after graduation. It would later be known as Career Planning and Placement and then the Career Placement Center.

TU Career Center


The department becomes the Career Center. It is currently housed in the University Union.