Moving On Up: Jade Nicole Neverdon Merritt ’07

TU has sparked countless innovators. These are their stories.

Jade Nicole Neverdon Merritt

An only child, Jade Nicole Neverdon Merritt was “best friends” with her mom, Mikey. When colorectal cancer took her at the age of 66, Merritt was devastated. She hit reset on her life, leaving her job at a biomedical company to found a nonprofit to help those battling cancer. Mikey’s Miracle Foundation, which she founded and now runs, serves patients and caregivers in Baltimore by providing them with food, transportation to appointments, education and other services. The organization is small but impactful; last year it helped about 75 people. “My mom had a generous heart, and I always say the best cure to your grief is helping someone else. I’m transforming pain into a purpose.”