Recognizing and rewarding partnerships

By Towson University on January 25, 2018

With partnerships continuing to thrive through BTU, Towson University will recognize the impactful work being done in the Greater Baltimore area.

The BTU Partnerships Showcase is Towson University’s largest annual event focused on developing and supporting partnerships. This year's event takes place on April 24 at SECU Arena
The BTU Partnerships Showcase is Towson University’s largest annual event focused on developing and supporting partnerships. This year's event takes place on April 24 at SECU Arena

In April 2016, President Kim Schatzel stood in front of a capacity audience in the Minnegan Room at Johnny Unitas Stadium. She was a few months into her new role and this was her first time speaking at, what at the time was called, the Towson University Showcase. 

It was at this event where Schatzel publicly announced that Towson University was making a new priority of its partnership and outreach efforts.

This priority was officially named BTU—Partnerships at Work for Greater Baltimore. And in the two years since her announcement, Schatzel is more committed than ever to growing Towson University as a thriving research enterprise.

“Towson University is committed to making a difference and transforming lives in Greater Baltimore,” Schatzel said. “But we don’t do this work alone, we do it through partnerships. It’s all about building a stronger foundation for Towson University’s future and for making Greater Baltimore a better place to live, work, and learn.”

TU brings new energy to BTU community partnership program

BTU has catalyzed partnership work at TU and has seen the number of engagements steadily increase.

As of fall 2017, TU faculty, students and staff have nearly 200 active engagements with BTU network partners. Across all engagements, Towson University is working with more than 300 organizations to create positive outcomes. While most are within Greater Baltimore, TU is working with partners in every county across Maryland.

Read the fall 2017 BTU Update that highlights the impacts of the work being done with partners throughout the region.

With the growth in the number of partnerships and programs supported by BTU — the Towson University Showcase was expanded. It also was renamed the BTU Partnerships Showcase.

Showcasing Impactful Work

The BTU Partnerships Showcase is TU’s largest annual event focused on developing and supporting partnerships. It highlights the important role Towson University plays in the vitality of Towson, Greater Baltimore and Maryland as a whole. 

The 2017 event was held at SECU Arena and drew a record crowd. More than 300 representatives from nonprofits, schools, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and businesses were welcomed to campus to expand and identify collaborations. The event also saw the number of TU centers, institutes and programs presenting their work grow from 15 to 50.

TU hosts largest BTU Partnerships Showcase to date

“A major priority of BTU is recognizing and rewarding the incredible work happening on campus and in our neighborhoods in conjunction with community partners to make a difference in both the lives of our students and the citizens of Greater Baltimore,” said Bobbie Laur, Associate Vice President for Outreach.

The BTU Partnerships Showcase will return to SECU Arena on April 24. Anyone interested in attending should pre-register[BROKEN LINK].

TU faculty and staff who wish to present their work should submit proposals by Wednesday, February 7.

Awarding Impactful Work

To recognize this impactful work, Towson University will present the first annual BTU Partnership Awards this spring. These awards celebrate the collaborative work being done that embodies the spirit of TU and benefits the communities we serve.

Nominations and self-nominations must be submitted by Friday, Feb. 9.

Eligible partnerships include one-time collaborations, as well as ongoing collaborations. Those selected will be based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with at least one of the five BTU impact areas.
  • Impact on Towson University and Greater Baltimore
  • Scope of work (internal and external)
  • Uniqueness of the work
  • Exemplification of best practices demonstrated and measurable outcomes

These inaugural awards will have up to three honorees. The recipients will be celebrated at an awards reception, featured in several university-wide communications, and guaranteed placement at the BTU Partnerships Showcase. 

 “The Awards and the Showcase highlight TU’s ongoing work and connect it to new partners to further TU’s impact in our communities,” added Laur.

Which is precisely what Schatzel envisioned a little more than two years ago.