Helping students "live their full potential"

By Laura Braddick, College of Business & Economics on February 12, 2018

Meet Tammira Lucas, area entrepreneur and new Student Launch Pad manager.

Tammira Lucas was named the 2015 Small Business Innovator of the Year by the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce.
Tammira Lucas was named the 2015 Small Business Innovator of the Year by the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce.

Entrepreneur, author, speaker and professor Tammira Lucas joins Towson University as Student Launch Pad manager this semester. 

Lucas is the CEO of The Business Dr. Consulting Firm and co-founder of Moms as Entrepreneurs. She was named the 2015 Small Business Innovator of the Year by the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce. Her website has been featured on Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneurial Website for women, Jet magazine and others.

Tammira Lucas
Her website has been featured on Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneurial Website for women, Jet magazine and more.

In her role as Student Launch Pad manager, Lucas will be mentoring students and running events and programs such as innovation workshops, movie nights and more.

We asked this busy “mompreneur” about what she’s most looking forward to at TU.

How long have you been an entrepreneur and what drove you to start your own business?

I have been an entrepreneur for eight years. Growing up, I saw everyone around me living the status quo, and I knew I didn't want that for my life. I also knew that I was different and filled with innovative ideas that could change the world. Starting a business or two was the key to me implementing my innovative ideas and changing the world! 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

Networking is a huge deal! I was that person that wanted to stay behind the computer, but in order for me to be successful, I had to be visible and get comfortable with talking to people. I also learned that being an entrepreneur is extremely hard but fulfilling. 

A lot of your work is related to helping other businesses and their owners be successful. What do you like about being a mentor? Are you looking forward to helping TU students in this way and why? How do you think your mentorship and guidance will help them?

Being a mentor fulfills me. I love seeing people succeed based on my guidance. Nothing excites me more than seeing someone that didn't believe in their capabilities succeed. I am looking forward to helping TU students live their full potential. I would not have been able to accomplish everything I have without mentors, and it's only right that I sow that seed back into students. As a mentor, I hope to help students really think outside the box and stretch them a lot. I think this will push them to understand their value as entrepreneurs as well as put them on the track to being successful in their respected industries. 

Why should someone consider being his or her own boss or entrepreneur?

I think everyone has a hidden talent or great ideas, and being an entrepreneur allows you to unveil those talents and ideas. Besides, we only have one life to live. Why not try living it as an entrepreneur?

What attracted you to working with TU?

Jan Baum. [laughs] Not only does Jan represent Towson U proudly, but also the students are amazing! Every interaction I have had with a TU student has been awesome. I also appreciate the opportunities TU is providing students to live their career and business dreams. Not to mention my best friend, who is now a pharmacist, is a TU grad.