The best places to eat on campus

By Lauren Castellana & Kyle Hobstetter on February 18, 2019

Whether it's burgers, Indian food, Tex-Mex or even sushi, TU's food options offer something for everyone.

Campus Dining

With 18 different dining locations, Towson University Dining Services offers something for everyone. From college staples such as pizza and burgers, to more diverse options of Indian food and sushi, TU continues to provide different options for the campus community.

Working with the staff from Dining Services and our campus chefs, we look at some of the TU community’s favorite on-campus dining spots.

Bedda Burger

Looking for a better burger? Well check out Bedda Burger, located in the Susquehanna Food Court in the University Union. 

Bedda Burger features classics like the Bedda Chedda” Bacon Cheeseburger. They've also come up with specialty burgers like the “MD Burger” which features an Angus beef patty topped with a fried crab cake, swiss cheese and bacon. And along with burgers, Bedda Burger also offers chicken wings, crab cake platters, chicken sandwiches, fries and other menu options. 

Los Fuegos Tex-Mex 

Los Fuegos Tex-Mex, offered in the Patuxent Bistro in the University Union, gives the TU community the option to grab fresh, made-to-order Mexican food at any time.

Los Fuegos offers burritos, quesadillas, taco salads and more, filled with a choice of beef, chicken or grilled vegetables. Los Fuegos also offers tortilla chips with salsa, queso and guacamole. 


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And for many, breakfast isn't just for the morning anymore. That’s why West Village Commons Dining Hall introduces the new “Eggs”pectations Station which offers breakfast sandwiches, omelets, potatoes and eggs made-to-order at all times of the day.

Along with breakfast staples like eggs and bacon, “Eggs”pectations offers specials like different types of french toast, pancakes and biscuits and gravy (including Maryland-specific crab gravy). 


The newest dining option on campus, Piadina, offers Italian-inspired pizza, sandwich and salad dishes. Located in the West Village Food Court, Piadina offers classic like the “Caesar Classico” Caesar salad and the Romano chicken parmesan sandwich. They also offer chef-created pizzas like the Carne Amore, which features salumi, sweet Italian peppers and red onions. 

The Daily Special at West Village

The Daily Special station at the West Village Dining Hall provides a fresh, fully cooked, well-rounded meal for the campus community. The Daily Special features a fresh-made entrée, such as roasted chicken and grilled salmon. The entrée is accompanied by several fresh made sides, including t grilled and roasted vegetable options, as well as different potato options. 

The Indian Bistro 

Created by Susquehanna Executive Chef Ronnie Matthews, The Indian Bistro offers students a chance to try world-class Indian Food on campus.

Open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday-Thursday inside the Susquehanna Food Court, The Indian Bistro offers menu items like butter chicken, chicken tikka marsala, naan, samosas and more. They also offer vegan and vegetarian friendly options, as well as a weekly rice pilaf.  

Kappa Sushi 

Located in the Susquehanna Food Court, Kappa Sushi offers over 20 unique sushi rolls that would appeal to all sushi lovers. Rolls include the Susquehanna Roll, which is a tuna, avocado & crabmeat tempura roll with Susquehanna’s “Special Spicy Sauce,” and the Volcano Roll, which is cooked salmon, avocado, crab salad, with flaming sauce. You can also grab classic sushi side dishes like edamame, spring rolls, and tempura vegetables. 

There are plenty of other options on campus. Learn about all the food options offered at Towson University, find out dining hours and stay up to date with TU Dining Services on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter