How TU summer session can work for you

By Sean Welsh on May 7, 2019

Towson University offers summer session classes.

Summer session at TU


The spring semester is coming to a close. Time to make those summer plans.

Travel? Beach? A part-time job? How about staying in school?

Towson University offers summer session classes for undergraduate, graduate and visiting students. The first session begins May 28.

We've highlighted a few reasons why students opt to continue their education over the summer at TU:

Smaller class sizes

TU can boast small class sizes throughout the academic calendar, but during the summer, there's even more opportunity for small group learning opportunities on campus. Find that professor everyone in your major is raving about and get in on a class with them.

Unique class offerings

Some classes are hard to get into. Other classes are just really unique, and the opportunity to take them are too great to pass up. Some of the most memorable educational experiences can come in summer session.

Ability to focus with a smaller courseload

Do you want to take that class you're dreading with a full load of classes? Or would you rather put all your time and energy into it?

Credit catch-up

Whether you've changed majors, play a sport, have to juggle a career or parenthood, or you're just in need of playing catch-up, summer session is a great time to get a few more credits on your resume.

Educational continuity

Stay sharp on all of those skills and tactics you just learned with your informative spring semester. Keep the learning momentum going through the summer and keep your brain in shape for the fall. Plus: summer classes are completed in a smaller window of time, allowing you to stay in the zone with your learning.

Give yourself a breath

Have 30+ credits to knock out before commencement? Lighten the load for an upcoming semester or two by using time in the summer to make your fall or spring that much lighter.

Study abroad

TU’s Study Abroad Office is your first destination to learn more about all of the international opportunities that can help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today’s global community.


An internship that allows a student to immerse themselves in a role that aligns with their major can enhance the academic experience with real life learning. The Career Center has information about internships, including both for-credit and non-credit internships.

Open up your schedule

Whether for an internship or for a job opportunity, a summer class can open up time on your academic calendar for the rest of the year. Take the extra class now, and find yourself a full day (or two) off during the fall and spring semesters to learn or earn.

It won't take all summer

Summer session isn't all summer. There are flexible options — a 10-week session, 7-week session and two 5-week sessions. These choices allow you to decide how to schedule summer learning around your life.


Those are just a few of the reasons to get back in the classroom this summer. Have your own? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #TUproud.

Classes are available in sessions of five, seven and 10 weeks. And financial aid is available.

So: Are you going to seize your summer?