Top TU videos of the first half of 2019

July 7, 2019

TU’s digital media team shares some favorite video clips from the 2019 spring semester

TU's digital services team
Ron Santana, Roy Henry and Henry Basta are the gurus behind TU's remarkable video production.

The Towson University YouTube channel has seen significant growth in followers in recent years.

The spring semester brought about even more variety and quality of the videos, highlighting the academic opportunities, individual success and engaging campus life at TU.

To reflect on the first half of 2019, we asked the creative gurus behind TU’s video production to share their favorite projects from the spring semester.

Here’s a glimpse:

The TU Chorale: “Almost Heaven” by Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

Ron Santana, Director of Digital Media Services » The TU community was able to see one of its own in Season 17 of American Idol. As a finalist for the singing competition, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon was a fan favorite, even drawing praise from Elton John. For one of his performances he sang an original song, “Almost Heaven,” and in the process wowed the judges, and America. Within a few weeks, former classmate Gino Abellanosa arranged the song for choir and, directed by assistant professor Diana Sáez, it was performed by the TU Chorale. We were able to catch the rehearsal, later sharing this to our social media accounts and ultimately to Jeremiah.

TU Vibe Dance Team: Beyoncé’s Before I Let Go Challenge

Roy Henry, Digital Media Specialist » Every once in a while things come together just right. It started with an internet challenge and the result was a powerful display of showmanship from the TU community. After we contacted Vibe Dance Team, we knew we had a student organization that was committed to this project. What we weren’t prepared for was quite how talented they would be once it came time to film. Vibe’s moves were so good that even Beyoncé shared the video in her Instagram story!

Physics In Motion

Henry Basta, Digital Media Specialist » It’s not every day that you get to climb aboard a steam powered locomotive and tell such an interesting story. Having the opportunity to interview professionals that are so passionate about their field of expertise is truly inspiring. It is so beneficial that Towson University offers these unique experiences for our faculty, staff and students.

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