Photography, Video & Graphics

Obtaining Photographs

University Marketing & Communications provides photos of iconic Towson University images including the TU president, Stephens Hall, Liberal Arts Building and Doc the Tiger. To obtain additional photographs of Towson University individuals, buildings and events for publication in news media, please contact us.

Photographs we provide are to be used – with appropriate credit to Towson University – for editorial purposes only. Flopping, altering or otherwise embellishing these photos in any way that changes the editorial content of the photograph is prohibited. Images provided for Web use must be resized to low-resolution. Permission is for one-time use only. Supplied image files must be deleted after use.

Using Our Logo 

Use of all Towson University graphics is governed by University Marketing & Communications and administered through Creative Services. Individuals or groups external to the university must first request permission before using any Towson University brand marks or university graphics. Those using the logo should follow the university's brand standards.


In general, news gathering is allowed in outdoor areas on the academic campus. Permission to film in interior spaces is required in all circumstances. This includes administration and office buildings, classrooms, laboratories, dormitories and residences, and dining areas.

Staff members from Marketing & Communications are generally available to assist crews with shooting, including setting up locations and gaining access to restricted areas on campus when permission to shoot has been granted. For assistance, contact us.  

Contact Information

Sean Welsh
Acting Senior Director, Communications and Media Relations