Change Vehicle Information Request

Complete this form to request that the vehicle Make/Model associated with a license plate already on your parking account be changed. Allow up to five business days for processing.

  • Permit holders may not request to change vehicle information on another person’s parking account. The individual who currently has the license plate registered on their parking account must make the request to change the vehicle information.
  • Change Vehicle Information requests may only be made if a license plate currently on your account now has a different vehicle associated with it. If you wish to end the relationship with a license plate on your account entirely, please complete and submit the End Vehicle Relationship Form
  • Change Vehicle Information requests may only be made if the vehicle associated an active license plate on your account has been changed (i.e. new vehicle purchased). Documentation may be required.
  • Changes are not immediate.

Permit Holder Information
Please provide current information as to where you may be contacted about this request.

Vehicle Information

I attest that the information provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand I am not permitted to register another student, faculty, or staff member's vehicle on my account. I understand that if approval is given to change vehicle info. I am responsible for any violations or sanctions related to the vehicle for the duration of time I have indicated. I will be responsible for violations and sanctions associated with the vehicle until written notice with an end date is provided to Parking & Transportation Services. Submission of this application does not guarantee that I will not receive a parking citation. I agree to abide by the parking regulations of Towson University.