TU Project/Construction Sub-Contractor Worker Parking Permit Request Form

This form is to be used by Construction/Project Sub-Contractors to obtain approval for their workers to park on campus while working on projects. Parking will only be available in designated areas near the Towson Center/Stadium. If approved, companies and/or workers will be required to complete additional forms and/or applications.

TU Contact Information

Sub-Contractor Information

(Note:  Workers purchasing their own permits will be required to go to Parking & Transportation in the Union Garage and complete a parking application.  Once an account is set up, they will go to the Business Office in the Union to purchase their permits.)


If you do not have enough space on this form for a complete list of your workers, an email may be sent to uPark@towson.edu.  Please ensure the email references the project name and Contractor named on this form.