New Programs & Changes to Existing Programs

New Academic Program Proposals

How To propose new academic programs

1. TU Proposal, Review, and Approval Guidelines (Read this first.)
2. Required Templates: New Program Concept Proposal


Substantial Modification Proposals, Including Conversion to Distance Education


1. Determining whether the proposed change requires external approval

Contact the  to discuss the change in light of COMAR rules and MHEC expectations.

2. Letter of Intent

With the support of the academic department and College Dean, submit a Letter of Intent to the Provost and cc: the Associate Provost and the Director of Accreditation and Compliance Services. If the substantial modification requires resources, please attach a statement to the email that identifies the necessary resources, quantifies an estimate for the first five years, and identifies the source for those funds.

Contact the  with any questions.

3. Full Proposal

After internal consideration, provost approval to circulate the letter of intent to USM, and the USM comment period, the Provost determines whether the changes may be formally proposed. If approved, the academic department follows the process and proposal template of the Full Program Proposal for new programs (above).




External Process: Do MHEC and USM review new program proposals during the summer months?

A: No, MHEC and USM do not review academic program proposals during the summer months. Proposals may be reviewed concurrently at USM and MHEC. However, the USM Board of Regents meets bi-monthly October through June. Proposals must be submitted to USM at least six weeks prior to those meetings, so most submissions occur in August, October, December, February, and April.

Internal Process: Who are the members of the Program Concept Review Group?

A: The Provost, Vice Provost, Associate Provost for Academic Resources and Planning, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, Director of Accreditation and Compliance Services, Director of University Budget Office, Dean(s) of relevant college(s), and invited guests (e.g., academic department chairs pertinent to the proposed concept) comprise the Program Concept Review Group.

Internal Process: When does the Program Concept Review Group meet?

A: The Program Concept Review Group meets nearly monthly, as needed. In AY2018-19, the group will meet at the following times if there are LOI to consider:



Tuesday, September 18, 11:00am-12:00 pm, 

AD 310


Monday, October 31, 1:00-2:00 pm,

AD 310


Tuesday, November 20, 10:00-11:00 am,

AD 310


Wednesday, March 20, 1:30-2:30 pm,

AD 310


Wednesday, April 24, 3:30-4:30 pm,

AD 310


Wednesday, May 15, 1:30-2:30 pm, 

AD 310