Communication & Engagement

Who We Are

We are a team of communication and engagement experts for the academic enterprise of the university. We are forward thinking, goal-oriented solutionists who provide leadership and support to the units that comprise and contribute to TU's academic narrative. 

What We Do

The Communication & Engagement team within the Office of the Provost is responsible for communication from the Office of the Provost and leadership team to the university community, information disseminated through the Office of the Provost affiliated websites, and implementing academic engagement activities that support faculty and students.

In addition to promoting TU’s core academic values to internal and external audiences, our team supports faculty, departments, colleges and units in the strategic communication of both individual and collective identities related to the mission, goals and culture of the university.

How We Work

We accomplish this through individual consultation, strategic content development, engagement activities, and collaboration with divisional units and university partners.  Our ultimate goal is to bring greater visibility and recognition to Towson University's strong tradition of academic excellence, and its legacy of faculty, student and alumni  achievement.  

strategic marketing and communication

Our team collaborates with each unit within the Office of the Provost and Division of Academic Affairs, as well as faculty and staff throughout the university to develop and implement creative and comprehensive marketing and communication strategies that reinforce the university’s academic identity, while also supporting the tenants of shared governance and academic freedom. We work closely with the Division of University Marketing and Communications to ensure that unit leaders, faculty and staff are well-informed about communications and marketing resources, mechanisms, and tools to support their unit, program and engagement goals.  

Institutional and Divisional Engagement

There are a variety of annual events, workshops and meetings hosted by the Office of the Provost to advance the mission and goals of the division. The majority of these activities advance the engagement of prospective, current and retired faculty, support their professional development, and celebrate the scholarly achievements of all those within the Towson University community. Areas of specialization include inclusive event planning and philanthropic engagement.

Featured Fall Programs

There are a variety of annual events hosted by the Office of the Provost as well as unique and topical engagement opportunities offered throughout the year. Please visit the Office of the Provost Engagement Calendar regularly for dates and descriptions of these programs. 

New Faculty Institute 

The Office of the Provost offers a full complement of orientation materials and programs to its new faculty each year. There are many different sessions with various objectives to help acclimate our faculty to campus, and there are also opportunities for them to bond with their colleagues. Learn more about the New Faculty Institute

George Thompson Workshops

Twice a year, the Provost invites George Thompson, publisher in residence, to visit campus to meet with faculty for the purpose of assisting with their scholarship initiatives. George Thompson will return to campus this fall for another group session on Sept. 26, 2018 and individual appointments on Sept. 27-28, 2018. Contact  for more information.

George Thompson Faculty Testimonials 

Learn why Towson University faculty value meeting with George Thompson, our Publisher-in-Residence.

  • "George Thompson offered extremely valuable feedback on some of my articles and my book project. He pointed out the strengths of my work, and I was able to plan a timeline for the completion of my two articles."
  • "I have a number of projects in the works in different disciplines, so his advice on places to approach with my work has been quite useful."
  • "I prepared and submitted a book prospectus which was reviewed by Mr. Thompson. After sending out letters of inquiry, I was offered and accepted a contract with a leading academic press."
  • "I am an associate professor with a book idea and another completed manuscript. Mr. Thompson was able to steer me toward the University press director who would ultimately say he wants to publish my book. I did this because of the specific, step-by-step advice that Mr. Thompson gave, the publishers he suggested, names he gave me, and the approach he recommended."