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Each year, a keynote speaker is selected to provide an address relevant to the conference’s theme.

January Teaching Conference 2021 Speaker

Bridget Burns

Bridget Burns
Executive Director, University Innovation Alliance 

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As a trusted advisor to university presidents, Dr. Bridget Burns is on a mission to transform the way institutions think about and take action on the behalf of low-income, first generation, and students of color. She serves as the founding executive director of the University Innovation Alliance, a unique consortium of public research universities collaborating to close achievement gaps through testing, scaling, and sharing innovative and successful practices. 

Named one of the “16 Most Innovative People in Higher Education” by Washington Monthly magazine, she has helped the UIA campuses increase low-income graduates by 29% and raise more than $30 million dollars to support student success innovation. The University Innovation Alliance has been highlighted in national outlets like The New York Times, Fast Company, 60 Minutes, and was featured in the documentary “Unlikely”. 

Bridget served on her first presidential hiring committee at age 22, and has spent the past two decades helping to hire, advise, and advocate on behalf of more than 30 presidents and chancellors from around the country. She received her Doctorate of Education from Vanderbilt University in Higher Education, Leadership & Policy.  

University Innovation Alliance

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