Faculty Resources for Remote Teaching

Remote Teaching Guidelines

Faculty are encouraged to use basic functions of Blackboard to continue to communicate with students and provide instruction, as these can be most easily accessed using mobile devices. Basic functions include email (to class or individual), posting assignments, grading assignments, announcements and discussion boards. Faculty are not asked to convert courses to fully online courses, using high-level tools, etc.

View remote teaching FAQs to learn how to revise your courses and explore related technology tools.

Keep in Mind

  • Email students via Blackboard’s announcement feature for class-wide communication.
  • Reiterate university communications.
  • Explain how instruction will proceed.
  • Direct students to stay tuned to email and your Blackboard site for further instructions.
  • Be flexible about teaching/learning in light of some students’ limited access to technology.
  • It is important to be aware that some students will be able to access resources only through mobile devices.
  • Consider flexibility with regard to “I” (Incomplete) grades.
  • Communicate with students about departmental decisions regarding contact hours in student teaching, studio art, science labs, field experience, or internship.
  • Ensure that students requiring accommodations receive the support they need. Accessibility and Disability Services has compiled resources for faculty relating to accommodations online.

Teaching Support

Email FACET if you need support in any of these areas. Additionally, two FACET Teaching Fellows are available to assist you with teaching topics.

Cook Library subject specialists are available to help you find free online resources (e.g., films, journal articles, ebooks) for your students to use remotely. (Use the drop-down list to locate your subject specialist.)

Continuation of Research

Ensure that you:

  • Have made arrangements for experiments running in your laboratory, including animal care.
  • Have installed necessary software on your home computer.
  • Know how to access to Towson’s virtual workspace
  • Have access to data and manuscripts.
  • Have made arrangements to collaborate with your research team.

A FACET Research Fellow is available to assist you with research topics.

Other research-related resources can be found on FACET Research & Scholarship.